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krpano Panoramic Video Support Version 1.18
for Flash and HTML5
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krpano 1.18 is the first version with HTML5 Panoramic Video support. View the demonstration examples here or download and try the new viewer with your own panoramic videos.
  • The krpano viewer also has the possibility to use videos as panoramic images.
  • The video itself will be loaded and controlled by the krpano videoplayer plugin and then projected as pano image by the krpano viewer. Technically and from usage-perspective there is no difference to a normal panoramic image.

Here some Panoramic-Video Examples

Select the video server (try changing the server when the loading is slow)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Video provided by

360 Grad MIX 4
Video provided by

Alter Hof / Marienplatz
Video provided by

19890 / Köln
Video provided by

XML Usage Example

The minimum krpano xml structure to play a panoramic video:

    <!-- include the videoplayer plugin -->
    <plugin name="video"

    <!-- define the pano image and refer to the videoplayer plugin -->
        <sphere url="plugin:video" />


Implementation Details

  • The video file itself will be loaded, played and controlled by the krpano videoplayer plugin.
  • The krpano viewer only shows / displays the video frame.
  • The assignment for the videoplayer plugin to the pano image will be done by this special pano url syntax:
    <sphere url="plugin:name-of-the-videoplayer-plugin-element" />
  • The pano image can be a <sphere> or <cylinder> image (cubical is not possible).
    Partial-panos can be defined by using the hfov, vfov and voffset settings.
  • The video can be controlled by using the plugin actions of the videoplayer plugin.
    Example - to play dynamically an other video call:
  • An user-interface for controlling the video can be implemented by using the krpano xml / action / js interfaces. A ready-to-use videointerface skin is included in the download package (in the 'examples/videointerface/' folder).