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Panoramic Videos Version 1.16
Flash only
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  • The krpano Flash Viewer has also the possibility to play panoramic videos.
  • All kind of video formats that are be supported by the Flashplayer can be used - e.g. normal .flv Flash videos and also H264 coded videos files (.mp4, .m4v, .mov).
  • The video itself will be loaded and controlled by the krpano videoplayer plugin and then projected as pano-image by the krpano viewer. Technically and from usage-perspective there is no difference to normal panoramic-images.

Here some Panoramic-Video Examples

  • Video Details: Flash Video - On2 VP2 - 1200x600 - 15fps - 2000 kb/s (33 MB)
  • Thanks to for sharing this video!

XML Usage Example

The minimum krpano xml structure to play a panoramic video:
    <plugin name="video" url="videoplayer.swf" videourl="video.mp4" />
        <sphere url="plugin:video" />

Implementation Details

  • The normal krpano Flash Viewer (krpano.swf) will be used.
  • The video file will be loaded, played and controlled by the krpano videoplayer plugin.
    It works like any other normal videoplayer plugin element. Setup and control the video by the plugin actions.
    E.g. to play a new video with the videoplayer plugin:
  • To pass the video-output from the videoplayer plugin to the panoramic image there is a special syntax for the pano-image url:
      <sphere url="plugin:name-of-the-videoplayer-plugin-element" />
  • The video can be passed to <sphere> or <cylinder> images.
    Partial-panos are possible too by using the hfov, vfov and voffset settings.
    Cubical <cube> or <cubestrip> images are not possible!
  • An user-interface for the video (e.g. play/pause buttons, loading/seeking-bar, ...) can be implemented with the normal krpano xml elements. Here just call the appropriate actions of the videoplayer plugin on your button click events.
  • The interface from the above examples is included in the viewer download package.