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krpano Panorama Viewer

krpano is a small and very flexible high-performance software for showing all kind of panoramic images on the web. It can be used for very detailed high-resolution images, for interactive virtual tours, custom designed user-interfaces and many things more.

Some key-features of krpano:
  • Image Quality - the image-generation-algorithms of the krpano tools and the rendering-algorithms of the krpano viewer are trying to present the images in the best possible image-quality, with high details and sharpness.
  • Performance - optimized for fast image-rendering and quick loading while trying to use as few system resources as possible.
  • Cross-Device / Cross-Browser support - krpano supports the most common browsers and devices and even provides special solutions for certain device-limitations and workarounds for browser-bugs. Older systems and browser-versions are also very well supported.
  • Flexible and Customizable - krpano provides a built-in layout- and scripting-system and also several APIs for external custom solutions. The viewer can be fully customized, there are settings and interfaces for almost everything.
  • Supports many Panoramic Images Formats - Spherical, Cubical, Cylindrical, Flat-images, the direct use of Fisheye-images. The images can be tiled and multi-resolution for faster and more efficient loading and memory-management. Videos can be also used as source for the panoramic images.
  • Different interactive Viewing Projections (e.g. a Little Planet View) - allows exploring and viewing the panoramic-images in new interesting ways.
  • Almost No Limitations, use images as high-resolution as possible and load as many panoramic-images as you want.
  • VR Support - built-in and seamless VR-support. Switching to VR is anytime possible, no extra viewer or software is required. Especially also optimized for mobile devices.
  • Small file-sizes - even with a lot of functionality there are constant optimizations to keep the file-sizes as small as possible, for faster loading and quicker startups.
  • Stable APIs - krpano is designed to be upward-compatible. Content created with older versions should work in the most cases without any changes also in newer versions.
  • No external dependencies - all code is developed and maintained in-house.

Latest Developments

A short video-playlist (7 videos) with some of the latest krpano features (version 1.20):
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Simple Usage - Droplets & Virtual Tour Editor

One of the main krpano usage case will be building custom solutions, e.g. own custom virtual tour user interfaces, but there are also several helpers included for quickly building simple and ready to use virtual tours - here some usage videos:
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Advanced Usage - XML and Actions APIs

For more advanced usage krpano will be used with its layouting and scripting APIs. This can be done using the krpano XML system and the krpano Actions-script or Javascript, but also by using HTML/CSS and Javascript. For starting here please have a look into the xml files of the included Examples and here into the XML Reference and Actions / Scripting documenations.