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How to register...

Steps to register the krpano licenses:

  1. Start the krpano Tools application.
  2. When not already registered, the tool will ask you to register it now.
    Therefore press the Register Now button.
  3. Enter your krpano license registration code into the code input field and press the Register this code button. The easiest way to do this, is by 'copy & paste': select the registration code in the registration mail with the mouse and press CTRL+C (or use the right-click context-menu) to copy it to the clipboard. Then use CTRL+V (or again the context-menu) in the krpano Tools application to paste the code. (Mac users use Command+C and Command+V instead).
  4. (When having several / separated registration codes (e.g. when having ordered the licenses with different mail addresses) enter and register them one after the other).
  5. After the registration, the krpano viewer files (the krpano.js and krpano.swf) inside the 'viewer' sub-folder will be registered and all new generated krpano output files will be automatically registered ones too.

Optional: Register from command-line or by web-server-script:

  • To register krpano from the command-line or from a script call:
    krpanotools register ###
    where ### is the license code.
  • To check if the registration was successful see or log the console output or call
    krpanotools register show
    to show the current registered licenses.
  • Note - the registration will be done for the current system user! When the tools should be called from a web-server-script, then make the register call also from that script to register the tools for the correct user / environment.
  • Note - on server systems at least one of these folders should have write-access-rights for the krpano tools: the $HOME folder, the krpano tools folder or the current working-directory folder.