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Kolor's Panotour Pro
Third Party Software with integrated krpano / Direct Reselling

Panotour Pro
  • Panotour Pro is an easy-to-use virtual tour software.
  • Panotour Pro includes and uses the krpano viewer to present the panoramas and tours.
  • Developed by Kolor - the company, how had also made the image stitching software Autopano Pro/Giga.
  • Includes HTML5 (iPhone / iPad / Android) support.
  • Panotour Maps Plugin.
  • A license of Panotour Pro also include a krpano license.
399 € plus sales tax/VAT*
* VAT: Depending on your location or company status VAT may be added to the price. In the Share‑It order form select your country and enter your VAT/UID number to remove the VAT. The correct price will be shown on the next page in the order form.

Panotour Pro - Demo Download

Directly download here the latest stable Panotour Pro versions:
Mac OSX (Intel only, OSX 10.5 or higher)
Linux 32bit (.deb)
Linux 32bit (.tar.gz)
Linux 64bit (.deb)
Linux 64bit (.tar.gz)
Alternatively you can download Panotour Pro also from the Kolor Download page.

Panotour Pro - Features

Panotour Pro revolutionizes the creation of interactive virtual tours. Everything is done in a few clicks using the software’s intuitive interface. Transform your panoramas into multi-views virtual tours by dragging the clickable area (hotspot) of an image onto a target image. The link is created automatically. So now you can create a link between one room and another in a second. Display a photo, video or embedded web page, play a sound, open an external website, display contextual information and animations and more to customized your tour.
Feature List
  • Export of the virtual tours in Adobe® Flash® format
  • Quick export of virtual tours (conversion in .SWF)
  • Unlimited number of panoramas
  • Support of full 360° panoramas
  • Support of partial panoramas
  • Automatic FOV detection
  • Display of a custom logo
  • Handling of giant images (gigapixels)
  • Import and export of cube faces
  • Little Planet intro effect
  • Global sound for the tour
  • Local sound for each panorama
  • Customization of the contextual menu
  • Adding of a branding-free license (option)
  • Custom map of the tour
  • Panotour Maps
  • Export XML files for advanced customizations
  • Export virtual tours for mobile devices (iPhone®, iPad®)
  • Customization of the fonts (color, bold, italic, size)
  • Customization of the hotspots' colors
  • Integration of HTML pages
  • Support of hotspots opening a video and embedding of videos
  • Adding of graphic templates and menu templates
  • Adding of transition templates
  • Available in 7 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian)
  • Compatible Windows, Mac, Linux

Panotour Pro - Examples

An Example Tour which was made with Panotour Pro:

Panotour Pro - More Information

Panotour Pro - krpano License Export

A license of Panotour Pro includes a krpano license. The krpano license makes it possible to use the krpano viewers and tools directly. To get the krpano license, it need to be exported from your registered Panotour Pro version:
1. Start Panotour Pro, open the Help menu and select there Licenses:

2. Then press Export Licenses and select a place where to save the krpano licenses:

3. Finally copy the krpano licenses (krpano.license, krpanotools.license and krpanoiphone.license.js) into the krpano tools folder to use the krpano tools / droplets or just use the viewer licenses directly.

Panotour Pro - Branding Free License

It's possible to use the krpano Branding Free License also in Panotour Pro. But the way how to select / to register it in Panotour Pro is a bit 'hidden' or not so obviously - so here the steps, how to select / to register the krpano Branding Free License in Panotour Pro:

1. Select Project Properties in the lower tab menu.
2. Select the Extra tab.
3. Select the Context menu item in the option box.
4. Click on the file-open-button and select the krpanobrandingfree.license file.