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Updates / Upgrades

With krpano version 1.17 the license system has been changed. The previously separately available Flash and HTML5 licenses have been merged into one single license. Additionally the license format also has been changed - instead of binary license files, which needed to be copied into the correct folder, now more common 'text' license keys, which need to be registered in the application, will be used. Due these changes, older licenses need to be updated or upgraded.

Update / Upgrade costs?

The updates itself are free - except for the case when you don't have both old licenses (the 'krpano License' and the 'krpano HTML5 Add-On License'). In this case, when having only the 'krpano License' alone, it would be necessary to upgrade the license to be able to use the new versions (1.17 and up). The upgrade price for this case is 45 € plus sales tax/VAT.

Update Check / Get the Update

Please enter here the email address that was used when ordering the krpano licenses:

Please Note - the automatic update system works only when the same email address was used for ordering the licenses! When different email addresses were used, please write a short email and attach all available information about your old orders (order-numbers, invoices, licenses, ...).

Update Check Results

Licenses ordered with this email address:
krpano License
krpano HTML5 Add-On License
krpano Maps Plugin License
krpano Branding Free License
The new license will be delivered directly by email.