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NOTE: This page is from an older version, see the latest version here.

krpano Javascript Interface Version

During embedding the krpano viewer into the HTML page an Identification Name (ID) will be specified. The default ID is "krpanoSWFObject".

Link: See here for the id parameter: Embedding into HTML.

After embedding a HTML DOM Element with that ID will be created. This object can be get via the normal Javascript document.getElementById(id) function.

The krpano viewer exports these 3 Javascript functions to that object:
  • set(variable,value) - Sets any krpano variable to the given value.
  • get(variable) - Returns the value of any krpano variable.
  • call(action) - Calls and executes krpano action code.

Usage Example

Get the krpano HTML DOM Element:
var krpano = document.getElementById("krpanoSWFObject");

Get and set a variable:
var fov = Number( krpano.get("view.fov") );
fov += 10.0;
krpano.set("view.fov", fov);

Call a krpano action, e.g. to load an other pano."loadpano('pano2.xml',null,MERGE,BLEND(1));");


These examples were also included in the krpano viewer download package in the folder "examples/javascript-interface/".

  • loadpano() Example
    Shows how to call krpano and load other panos on Javascript clicks.
  • Mouse Position Example
    Get and show the current mouse position in pixels and spherical coordinates.
  • Get Link Example
    Get a link to the current Pano and the current view.
  • Sync Example
    Syncing two krpano viewers via Javascript.
  • Splitscreen Example
    Syncing two krpano viewers via Javascript and use different viewing areas to simulate a splitscreen.