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Mac OSX Installation

krpano is currently not a typical Mac OSX application and therefore might require a few special steps for installations (especially on Mac OSX 10.15).

How to install krpano on Mac OSX

1. If not already done - download here the latest krpano version.
2. Open the downloaded krpano DMG (diskimage) file:
3. Move/drag the krpano folder out of the DMG image, e.g. on to the Desktop:
4. Open the krpano folder and Right-Click the FIX INSTALL OSX.command and select Open:
5. Confirm that you want to open it:
6. A Terminal window will open and ask for your system / login password.
7. That 'FIX INSTALL' script will remove the quarantine flags that the system might have added from the krpano files. After that all krpano applications should work fine.