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Third Party Software
for krpano

Panorama Formats

The krpano Flash Panorama Viewer supports the loading of cubical and spherical panoramas:

cubical panoramas
  • six single images (one image for each cube side)
  • or one image-strip, (all images in one image, arranged horizontally or vertically)

files: the left image - basecube_l.jpg
files: the front image - basecube_f.jpg
files: the right image - basecube_r.jpg
files: the back image - basecube_b.jpg
files: the up image - basecube_u.jpg
files: the down image - basecube_d.jpg
files: the XML file - basecube.xml

spherical panoramas
  • an one image 360x180° projection

files: the shere panorama image - basesphere.jpg
files: the XML file - basesphere.xml

click on the images to view them as panorama
especially look and zoom at the top and bottom of the panoramas
to see the difference of using spherical and cubical images

Coordinate System

The krpano coordinate system is a 360x180° system.
  • Horizontal coordinates are from -180° to +180° (lower or higher coordinates wrap around)
  • Vertical coordinates are from -90° to +90°
  • use the Options Plugin to get the current looking coordinates