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krpano 1.21.2 (build 2023-12-11)

krpano Downloads

Need an older version for legacy systems? Download here:
What's New? See here the recent changes of the latest version:

Test / Demo Limitations

The krpano software can be downloaded and tested for free!
The downloads itself are full-versions without any technical or functional limitations!
The only restrictions without license are:
  • A 'demo version' watermark in the viewer.
  • Watermarks in the images generated by the tools.

Local / Offline Usage

Many web-browsers have restrictions when running interactive content locally. 'Locally' means when opening the html files directly from the local drive in the browser (e.g. visible by the 'file://' url in the browsers address bar). This affects also the local krpano usage - krpano needs to load dynamically xml, js and image files and this will be locally not possible in these browsers.
To bypass these local access restrictions use a localhost server, e.g. like the included krpano Testing Server.