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krpano Viewer 1.16.9 (build 2013-10-28)

krpano Viewer  (Viewer, Plugins, Examples, ZIP, ~16 MB)

krpano Tools 1.16.9 (build 2013-10-28)

Windows  (W2K, XP, Vista, W7, W8, ZIP, ~22 MB)
Windows 64bit  (Vista64, W7-64, W8-64 ZIP, ~22 MB)
Mac OSX  (Universal Binary, for Intel and PPC Macs, OSX 10.4 or higher, ZIP, ~29 MB)
Mac OSX 64bit  (Intel only, OSX 10.5 or higher, ZIP, ~27 MB)
Linux 32bit  (command-line tools only, tar.gz, ~2 MB)
Linux 64bit  (command-line tools only, tar.gz, ~2 MB)
What's New? See here the recent changes of the latest version:

Test/Demo Limitations - Restrictions without krpano License

The krpano viewer and the tools can be downloaded here and tested for free!
The downloads itself are full-versions without any technical or functional limitation.
The only restrictions without krpano license are:

krpano Viewer
  • A 'demo version' watermark will be shown in the viewer.
krpano Tools
  • The generated images will contain watermarks.

For unrestricted usage a krpano license must be purchased.
More information here on the Buy site.

NOTE: When using the krpano Viewer offline / locally, it would be recommended to adapt the Flashplayer security settings!
This would be necessary to enable the 'External Interface' of the Flashplayer also for local usage (online it is always enabled by default). That 'External Interface' is necessary for the 'Javascript Interface', for plugins that require Internet-access (like the Bing/Google-Maps plugins) and for some Browsers (especially on Mac OSX) it is very important to enable the Mouse-wheel control.
Have a look here for more information...