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krpano 1.18.6 (build 2016-04-07)

Windows  (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, 32 and 64bit, 7z-SFX-EXE, ~43 MB / ZIP, ~56 MB)
Mac OSX  (OSX 10.7 or higher, 32 and 64bit, DMG, ~70 MB)
Linux 64bit  / Linux 32bit  (GLIBC 2.4 (cmdline) or 2.15 (GUI) or higher, TAR.GZ, ~63/60 MB)
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What's New? See here the recent changes of the latest version:

Test / Demo Limitations

The krpano software can be downloaded and tested for free!
The downloads itself are full-versions without any technical or functional limitation.
The only restrictions without license are:
  • A 'demo version' watermark in the viewer.
  • Watermarks in the output images.

Local / Offline Usage Notes

Many HTML5 Browsers and also the Flashplayer have several security restrictions when running local content. This affects also the local krpano usage - in HTML5 loading of local xml files is not possible in Chrome and in Flash there is no Javascript interface and this prevents the usage of several important features, like the mouse-wheel usage on Mac.
To bypass these local security restrictions, use the krpano Testing Server (included).