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Download Alpha / Beta / Pre-Release Versions

This is the krpano Alpha / Beta versions download section. When new features during the development become ready for testing or usage, then they will be released here. The releases here are not complete packages, only the new and relevant parts will be included in downloads. These files here should be only used by experienced krpano users!
There is currently no Alpha / Beta / Pre-Release Version.

Get the latest Version here - Download.
older Alpha / Beta / Pre-Release Versions...
2012-06-03 - krpano - PreRelease 3 (Viewer only)
News / Changes:
  • All news and details in the final release.
Download (krpano Flash and HTML5 viewer, Plugins)
2012-05-04 - krpano - PreRelease 2 (Viewer only)
News / Changes: (compared to the last pre-release from 2012-04-24)
  • krpano HTML5 Viewer (krpanoiphone.js)
    • New: Full support for horizontal view limiting (by view.hlookatmin and view.hlookatmax). Workarounds by XML are not necessary anymore.
    • New: Compass Plugin to get the compass heading from the device.
    • New: There is a new zorder2 setting for ordering normal and distorted hotspots. Due Safari limitations it is not possible to mix / order normal hotspots and distorted hotspots withhin the same 'layer. But by using the new zorder2 setting, it is possible to define if a normal, non-distorted hotspot should be above or below the other distorted hotspots. Usage:
      • zorder2="0" ⇒ The current hotspot is below distorted hotspots (default).
      • zorder2="1" ⇒ The current hotspot is above distorted hotspots.
      Note - that means that some workarounds for the distorted hotspot click-detection-problem in the older versions, like using an invisible normal hotspots above a distorted hotspot will not work anymore without adding zorder2=1 to that invisible hotspots, or better remove that kind of workaround completlty, with this is not necceray anymore.
    • Fix: The Safari 'performance / screen-updating' problems from the previous pre-release are fixed with this version.
    • Fix: A workaround for the 'clickable 180° doublegangners' Safari CSS 3D Bug (happening sometimes when using distorted hotspots) was added by automatically disabling hotspots behind the viewing plane.
    • Fix: The loadstyle() and style usage had caused problems in some situations.
    • Fix: The 'delayed Textfield appearance' from the previous pre-release.
    • Fix: The overriding of <plugin> and <hotspot> attributes by redefining wasn't possible when keep="true" was used.
    • Fix: Soundinterface plugin - rootpath support.
    • Fix: Soundinterface plugin - Muting the sounds by setting mute="true" wasn't working on iOS because there changing the sound volume isn't possible. The plugin will now automatically pause the sound on muting.
Download (krpano Flash and HTML5 viewer, Plugins)
2012-04-24 - krpano - PreRelease (Viewer only)
The version of krpano is mostly a bugfix version of the version, but it also includes some important internal architectural changes in the HTML5 viewer, that should improve the deep/z-ordering of distorted hotspots and also make them better 'click/touch-able'.

News / Changes:
  • krpano HTML5 Viewer (krpanoiphone.js)
    • There were a lot of internal changes to improve the z-ordering and event-ordering issues of the Safari browser. Now the distorted hotspots should be correctly behind the plugin elements and also react correctly.
    • New XML CDATA support for <action> and <data> elements:
      <action><![CDATA[ ...code... ]]></action>
    • Various small performance improvements.
    • Fix: Avoid JS error when trying to call variables that were pointing to JS Objects.
    • Fix: Setting the same plugin/hotspot url after loading again work now.
    • Fix: Wrong percent scaling for child plugin elements.
    • Fix: Detect window focus loss and stop mouse movement in this case.
    • Fix: Flying hotspot with architectural projection.
    • Fix: Textfield plugin - using 0 (=black) as backgroundcolor wasn't possible.
    • Fix: Textfield plugin - using [] characters inside 'event:' links is working now.
    • Fix: Radar plugin - 'invert' wasn't working.
  • krpano Flash Viewer (krpano.swf)
    • Fix: Changing plugin/hotspots urls during loading is possible now.
    • Fix: The plugin 'crop' sizes still work after setting the crop.
    • Fix: Android - Plugin/Hotspot Dragging.
    • Fix: Android Phones - no wrong movement after enabling the 'long press fullscreen mode'.
    • Fix: Combobox plugin - when the plugin was removed during the drop-down list was opened, then the list kept opened.
  • General krpano changes (Flash and HTML5)
    • A 'single variable if' like 'if(variable, ...)' can now check that variables also for 'not null' or 'not 0' instead of just comparing it to true (like in other script languages).
    • The viewer now exports the screentosphere and spheretoscreen functions for direct calling. They are now available in the krpano HTML object and also in the new krpano plugin interface object. Both functions have two Numbers as parameters and are returning an Object with x and y properties.
    • Fix: The onidle handling will be not interrupted by autorotate.
Download (krpano Flash and HTML5 viewer, Plugins)
2011-05-20 - krpano Viewer - Release Candidate 3
Changes/Fixes (compared to the last pre-release from 2011-05-11)
  • krpano.swf & krpanoiphone.js
    • new actions for looping / repeating actions:
      for(startaction, condition, nextaction, loopaction)
      asyncfor(startaction, condition, nextaction, loopaction)
      loop(condition, loopaction)
      asyncloop(condition, loopaction)
    • new Math object for mathematical constants and actions:
      • Math.PI
      • Math.abs(var) or Math.abs(result,v)
      • Math.acos(var) or Math.acos(result,v)
      • Math.asin(var) or Math.asin(result,v)
      • Math.atan(var) or Math.atan(result,v)
      • Math.atan2(result,a,b)
      • Math.ceil(var) or Math.ceil(result,v)
      • Math.cos(var) or Math.cos(result,v)
      • Math.exp(var) or Math.exp(result,v)
      • Math.floor(var) or Math.floor(result,v)
      • Math.log(var) or Math.log(result,v)
      • Math.max(var,var2) or Math.max(result,...vars)
      • Math.min(var,var2) or Math.min(result,...vars)
      • Math.pow(var,var2) or Math.pow(result,v1,v2)
      • Math.round(var) or Math.round(result,v)
      • Math.sin(var) or Math.sin(result,v)
      • Math.sqrt(var) or Math.sqrt(result,v)
      • Math.tan(var) or Math.tan(result,v)
    • Removing of all InOut and OutIn tweentypes - they were typically not needed and the removing saves a lot of swf and js filesize.
  • krpanoiphone.js
    • iPhone hotspot scaling fix - WARNING: existing tours may look different now!
    • added showerrors setting
    • use automatically downscaled tablet images when there are no mobil images available on iPhone3, iPod2/3
    • 'open-log-area' click through fix
  • Plugins
    • new rebuild 'non-native' iPad-style Combobox for iPhone and iPad
    • soundinterface.js - looping fix
    • googlemaps.swf - made Flashplayer 9 compatible
    • plugin interface fixes and enhancements
Download (krpano Flash and JS viewer, plugins)
2011-05-11 - krpano Viewer - Release Candidate 2
Changes/Fixes (compared to the last pre-release from 2011-04-04)
  • krpano.swf & krpanoiphone.js
    • many new plugin interfaces, very similar for Flash and Javascript, more details about that on the final release
    • new plugin/hotspot imagewidth / imageheight variables (read-only), these variables contain the original unscaled pixel size of the loaded image, the information are first available after the onloaded event
    • new tween update callback function:
      the updatefu code will be called after every variable change
  • krpanoiphone.js
    • increased iPod4 stability by limiting and automatically downsampling the max. cubesize to 640x640 (the iPod 4 has too few memory for a stable use of 1024x1024 cube faces)
    • fix: interrupting works now also when clicking plugin or hotspots elements
    • fix: detect mouse releases outside an iframe
  • plugins
Download (krpano Flash and JS viewer, plugins)
2011-04-11 - krpano Tools - Release Candidate
  • new "krpano Update Tool" for updating krpano swf and js files
  • "kprotect" tool renamed to "krpano Protect Tool"
  • PSD / PSB read and write support (.psd, .psb)
  • BigTIFF support (.btf, .tf8 or .bigtiff)
  • Kolor Raw support (.kro)
  • new config file (convertdroplets.config) for the "SPHERE to CUBE" and "CUBE to SPHERE" droplets
  • new kmakemultires.config setting new (converttocubeformat=kro)
  • updated xml templates
krpano Tools Windows
krpano Tools Windows 64bit
krpano Tools Mac
krpano Tools Mac 64bit
2011-04-04 - krpano Viewer - Release Candidate
Changes/Fixes (compared to the last pre-release from 2011-02-23)
  • krpano.swf & krpanoiphone.js
    • no "loadpano busy" during blending anymore - that means no lost loadpano, loadxml, loadscene calls anymore
    • new addtionaly syntax for the cube image urls:
        <cube url="pano_%s.jpg" />
      the %s will be replaced by l,f,r,b,u,d
    • new maskchildren setting for plugin and hotspots element:
      when set to true then all child elements that are outside of the parent element will be clipped/masked out
    • new named <events> tags (additionally to the existing <events> tag),
      the keep flag is needed for these named <events> tags!
      <events name="fsbuttonevents" keep="true"
    • new events.dispatch(eventname) action for calling the events from all currently defined events tags, custom events in the <events> tags are possible!
    • new onnewpano event - this event will be called when there is a new pano image and all information about it (type,imagesize,hfov,vfov) are avialable.
    • new onremovepano event - this event will be called when when the current pano image will be removed (e.g. when loading a new pano)
    • new isdesktop and ismobile variables
  • krpano.swf
    • architectural projection - a smoother transition to normal view at nadir/zenith
    • fix - the HIGHSHARP quality modes are now always working
    • new display.sharpen setting for adjusting the sharpen effect
      (0-14, default=12)
    • the loading progress animations are now aligned inside the pano area
    • the tween actions are now using the actionintervalbase setting (that means they are more time accurate by default)
    • parent="STAGE" fixed (bug in last pre-release)
  • krpanoiphone.js / swfkrpano.js
    • a new setting to allow simulating an iphone/ipad with the right images and right sizes on desktop safari:
      this setting must be done in the html file during embedded
      useragent = use the current useragent to detect the device
      iphone = simulate an iphone device
      ipad = simulate an ipad device
    • a iphone-ipad-simulator for testing krpano iPhone/iPad layouts
    • new support for architectural projection
    • embedding krpano dynamically is now possible when the licenses are embedded into the .js file or when the license files were included manually into the html file
    • the krpanoJS viewer has now a full plugin interface (for loading, unloading, resizing, displaying, custom attributes and actions ...)
    • new mouse.stagex / mouse.stagey variables
    • fix - if() call without condition
    • fix - several plugin preload fixes
    • blending hotspots when the pano is blending
  • plugins
    • the Gyro plugin from Aldo Hoeben is now a real krpanoJS plugin and included in the download package
    • complete new googlemaps plugin - custom spot images and spotstyles and many things more... (more details on the final release)
    • videoplayer plugin - additional fixes
    • radar plugin for krpanoJS
    • options plugin much improved, try using it with partial panos
    • improved krpanoJS textfield plugin
Download (krpano Flash and JS viewer, plugins)
2011-02-23 - krpano viewer pre-release
Changes/Fixes (compared to the last pre-release from 2011-02-09)
  • krpano.swf & krpanoiphone.js
    • new plugin/hotspot pixelwidth / pixelheight variables (read-only), these variables contain the final pixel size of the element, but note - they don't get updated immediately when changing the normal width/height/scale variables, the update happens after a screen refresh or when calling the updatepos() function of the element,
    • new plugin/hotspot updatepos() function for updating / recalculating the position and size of the plugin/hotspot element immediately (the pixelwidth/pixelheight variables will be updated after this call)
    • new control.touchtype variable for touch devices (iPhone/iPad/Android), possible values = "drag2d" or "moveto", default="drag2d"
    • fixed/changed loadpano events/actions order:
      - old order: loadpano⇒calls-following-loadpano⇒onstart⇒onxmlcomplete
      - new order: loadpano⇒onstart⇒onxmlcomplete⇒calls-following-loadpano
      - get the old order by explicitly setting version="" in the xml
    • looktohotspot() without parameters = do lookto to current hotspot
  • krpano.swf
    • new plugin/hotspot pixelhittest variable (true or false, default=false) for enabling a pixel accurate hit testing which respects the transparency of the image instead of using the bounding box, but note - use this setting with care! this pixel hit-test is a much heavier operation than the normal/default bounding box check!
    • new control.camrollreset variable (true or false, default=true) to disable the resetting of the camroll in moveto/drag2d mode
    • fixed problem with the scene onstart event when there were '&' or '=' characters in the onstart action
  • krpanoiphone.js
    • fixed action parameters (%N) resolving (bug from 2011-02-09)
    • textfield html/css="data:dataname"
    • fixed problem with xml url query paths that contain slashes or # characters
  • plugins
    • some updated plugins
    • videoplayer plugin - additional pausedonstart fix
    • details about the plugin news on the final release
Download (krpano Flash and JS viewer, plugins)
2011-02-09 - krpano viewer pre-release
Changes/Fixes (compared to the last pre-release from 2011-02-01)
  • krpano.swf & krpanoiphone.js
    • new subtxt(dstvar,srcvar,start,len) action for extracting a part of text / variable (like the Javascript/Flash substr() function)
  • krpano.swf
    • Android / Desktop devices detection fix
    • fixed plugin/child 'flickering' on fast loading
    • new getter/setter interface for plugins (more details on the final release)
  • krpanoiphone.js
    • added support for the "preload" setting
  • plugins
    • some updated plugins
    • details about the plugin news on the final release
Download (krpano Flash and JS viewer, plugins)
2011-02-01 - krpano viewer pre-release
  • krpano.swf & krpanoiphone.js
    • "devices" attribute for all xml tags
    • txtadd() fix when adding text to non-existent variable
    • changeorigin() fix for "prop" sizes
    • remove old scenes when loading a new xml (via the loadpano() call)
  • krpano.swf
    • branding free license - disable logkey now also on startup license error
    • qtvr.preview setting fix
    • fixed autorotate problem with partial panos and view limiting
    • wrong size with width="" or height="" at startup fix
    • partial panos lookto / looktohotspot / moveto wrap-around bugfix
  • krpanoiphone.js
    • improved child/parent system (rotating, scaling, visibility, zorder, events, ...)
    • iPhone scaling / positioning bug fixes
    • tiled images - visible seam fix
    • support for KEEPVIEW flag added
    • mouse.x / mouse.y variables
Download (krpano Flash and JS viewer)
2011-01-03 - krpano pre-release (mainly a bugfix release)
  • krpano.swf
    • partial panos lookto/looktohotspot/moveto bugfix
    • infrequent loading of embedded files problem bugfix
  • videoplayer.swf
    • pausedonstart bugfix
  • soundinterface.swf
    • sound caching bugfix
  • krpanoiphone.js
    • %SWFPATH% fix
    • limitview bugfix
Download (krpano Flash and JS viewer, videoplayer, soundinterface, editor, option plugins)
2010-12-08 - krpanoJS - soundinterface pre-release
  • first release of the soundinterface plugin for the krpanoJS viewer
  • please read the included readme.txt file for more details
Download (krpanoJS viewer + javascript soundinterface plugin)
2010-11-25 - krpano - bugfix pre-release
  • krpano viewer / videoplayer plugin - playvideo() size / volume update fixes
  • videoplayer plugin - time attribute update as <plugin> element
  • videoplayer plugin - videourl attribute update after playvideo() call
  • krpanoJS - fixed textfield without html attribute bug
Download (viewer + videoplayer plugin)
2010-11-24 - krpano 1.0.9 alpha 0 - panoramic video support
News: Download (viewer + panoramic video usage example)