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Wednesday, April 7th 2021, 1:40pm

Author: klaus.krpano

screentosphere on CYLINDER Gigapixel Panos?

There is a missing bracket - here correct: copy(hotspot[get(hs)].atv, v);

Tuesday, April 6th 2021, 10:10am

Author: klaus.krpano

Make Hi-Res Screenshot issue when zooming

Hi, maybe the zoom is limited by the maxpixelzoom setting (and the resolution of your pano image) in your case: Best regards, Klaus

Friday, April 2nd 2021, 12:15pm

Author: klaus.krpano

Get current geolocation of phone in map, and automatically orient panorama

Hi, you can use the browsers Geolocation API for this:…location-objekt Here a quick example: Source code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 <action name="get_geo_location" type="Javascript"><![CDATA[ krpano.actions.showlog(); if ("geolocation" in navigator) { navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition( function(position) { krpano.trace(1,"latitude=" + position.coords.latitude); krpano.trace(1,"longitude=" ...

Thursday, March 25th 2021, 11:04am

Author: klaus.krpano

Matterport Cortex AI

Hi, great example! Actually not that bad for automatic generated depthmaps! But all depthmaps images in the example have the same/similar artifacts at the bottom and especially in the left-bottom corner. That causes these 'spikes' at the nadir. Maybe some bug in the BiFuse software (or maybe because the 'training data' was always without nadir). Without that, the images would be really good. Additionally also a slightly larger depthmap.offset value might be good, e.g. try '0.05' or something aro...

Thursday, March 25th 2021, 10:49am

Author: klaus.krpano

Problem setting image.fisheye.align dynamically

Hi, sorry, the fisheye parameters are currently not designed for dynamic changes. But 're-embedding' the whole viewer for change is a bit overdone, a loadxml call with the changed <image> element would be also possible and could be done more 'smooth' (e.g. with blending and keeping everything else). Or if you only want to change the 'image.fisheye.align' setting you could alternatively also use the image.prealign setting instead, it has the same effect and this one can be changed dynamically. Be...

Tuesday, March 23rd 2021, 10:29pm

Author: klaus.krpano

hfov is wrong in flat

Hi, Thanks! Will be fixed in the next release (1.21). Best regards, Klaus

Tuesday, March 23rd 2021, 10:27pm

Author: klaus.krpano

The more powerful ‘style'

Hi, sorry, I'm not fully sure what you mean...? Do you have an example? Best regards, Klaus

Tuesday, March 23rd 2021, 10:26pm

Author: klaus.krpano


Hi, this should work in the next release (1.21), there the internal layer/hotspot/textfield/container processing and rendering was completely redone (to support more features, perform better and be more stable in all kind of cases). Best regards, Klaus

Tuesday, March 23rd 2021, 10:21pm

Author: klaus.krpano

VR Tooltip for Hotspot Plugin

Hi, sorry for the delay, I'm currently a bit too busy but will upload the plugin the next days. Thanks and best regards, Klaus

Tuesday, March 23rd 2021, 10:19pm

Author: klaus.krpano

About adjust range limit in editor

Hi, right, I could reproduce that. It's actually not the top or bottom line, it depends on the current view and is generally about the accuracy of the hit-testing for polygonal lines. This will be improved in the next release. Best regards, Klaus

Saturday, March 20th 2021, 11:46am

Author: klaus.krpano

krpano 1.20.9 - webvr and gyro option is not available in mobile with Chrome 88(Latest Version) in Android

Hi, you can use HTTPS with the testing server too, but it requires an initial setup step (need to done only once): Best regards, Klaus

Saturday, March 20th 2021, 11:45am

Author: klaus.krpano

Tutorial / Example - a Floor-hotspot at the Mouse-position

Quoted from "juyatu" Could it be possible to go one step further, such as showing up on surfaces with depth information? Not yet, but with one of the next releases.

Saturday, March 20th 2021, 11:41am

Author: klaus.krpano

XSS in krpano Panorama Viewer

Hi, this is known and is about the 'passQueryParameters' setting: When it is enabled any kind of code can be passed to the viewer, that is what it is made for. When disabled, nothing can be injected of course. But to improve that feature and to make it more safe, in the next release (version 1.21) the passQueryParameters setting then also allows to set a 'whitelist' of variables that can be passed. E.g. this way: Source code 1 embedpano({..., pas...

Saturday, March 20th 2021, 11:23am

Author: klaus.krpano

Best/Easiest/Highest Result Depthmap file format

Hi, that doesn't matter that much, but DEPTH files would be the ones that could be loaded the fasted way. Best regards, Klaus

Saturday, March 20th 2021, 11:22am

Author: klaus.krpano

A new property for Depth images

Hi, how should that work? What would be then the correct depth/distance for that 'ground'? (as it depends on the actual depthmap image content around) And why not fixing the depthmap image in the first place? Best regards, Klaus

Saturday, March 20th 2021, 11:18am

Author: klaus.krpano

JS or html5 Slider?

Quoted from "Crazy Homeless Guy" But I'm not sure if I can keep two panos in different DIV containers in sync. There is an example included for such: And with some modifications that could be used like described here: Before and After splitscreen with draggable middle line

Saturday, March 20th 2021, 11:17am

Author: klaus.krpano

Before and After splitscreen with draggable middle line

Hi, here an idea how that could done: - embed the second pano as <layer> with an iframe into the first, size it like the fullpage and make only the size of the layer visible - create another layer that can be dragged and would resize that layer - add js to sync the movement between both panos I will try making such example when I find some time. Best regards, Klaus

Saturday, March 20th 2021, 11:14am

Author: klaus.krpano

Value-Array cannot be pushed

Hi, nice workaround Here the same slightly optimized (predefined as Javascript function): Source code 1 2 3 4 5 6 <action autorun="preinit" type="Javascript"> actions.value_array_push = function(array, val) { resolve(array).push(val); } </action> Or here another possibility - a custom function that 'extends' an Array object with a push function that works: Source code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 <action autorun="preinit" type="Javascript"> actions.add_push_support = function(array) { array = resolve(array);...

Saturday, March 20th 2021, 11:01am

Author: klaus.krpano

hfov is wrong in flat

Quoted from "DorinDXN" can someone confirm this? I can't confirm, for me its working. If your krpano version up-to-date? The custom fov support for <flat> image was first added in version 1.20.

Saturday, March 20th 2021, 10:59am

Author: klaus.krpano

Embed video from own database

Hi, you can load a video from other servers, but therefore you need to have direct access to the video file itself (that means not a link to full website like youtube) and the server needs to allow the access (with the CORS setting set on the server). Best regards, Klaus