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Montag, 3. Oktober 2016, 16:40

Forenbeitrag von: »annejan«

Update (from 1.19-pr3) breaks Android

I have upgraded krpano from 1.19-pr3 to 1.19-pr8 to fix iOS 10 issues. Also updated the plugins (gyro2.js and videoplayer.js / videoplayer.swf) Unfortunately now my video panorama doesn't play on Chrome (desktop) anymore. . I don't get any error messages to help me debug this issue . . Could it be that some of the "Improved XML / Actions system." broke my app? At first it also didn't work in Chrome on my Android phone, but after a reboot the app suddenly works again . . I'm guessing it might hav...

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2016, 14:21

Forenbeitrag von: »annejan«

Video settings for mobile (Android + IOS)

I've been looking all over the forums but can't find an answer for this IMO pretty simple question. What are the advised resolution and bitrate / encoding settings for 360 video on Android and IOS? Bandwidth is not the issue. Quality and stability is. Anyone have a good idea? Thanks in advance.