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Thursday, February 9th 2023, 6:11am

Author: Super Awesome

krpano 1.21 (pre-release)

Nothing happens when clicking krpano Tools.exe on Windows 10. I get an hourglass for a second and it does not open.

Sunday, September 4th 2022, 5:13am

Author: Super Awesome

Panotour has more controls

I own both the panotour version and the krpano version and the panotour code has extra items that control mobile behaviour. I am working with the Krpano version and the desktop version looks great, but of course it is almost unusable on mobile. One of the features that would be great is"onuserclick" but this code is not working with the Krpano version. Are there any specific mobile controls for the Krpano version? There are numerous items that would be helpful in the Panotou...

Thursday, September 1st 2022, 9:50am

Author: Super Awesome

Custom borders

Could someone help me to find how to have - a custom border color for the text box (but not the line)? - rounded edges to the text box? Thank you!

Friday, April 8th 2022, 4:40am

Author: Super Awesome

Looking for Advanced Javascript Developer

Hello, I have a project that will require advanced JavaScript on top of a Krpano project. I am looking for someone highly experienced with JavaScript and Krpano. My current developer is unavailable due to recent world events and I need someone to take over. Please PM me for details. Thank you!

Monday, May 10th 2021, 10:25am

Author: Super Awesome

Multiple Screen Projection

I have a client that is asking me if it is possible to display a virtual tour in a showroom display. The current setup is 3 x screens which surround the viewer on 3 sides. The display resolution is 5400 px by 1600 px. By nature it seems 360s have overly stretched edges and this seems like it would be very pronounced on a 3 monitor display like this. I have a 3 monitor setup on my desk and the side monitors are very stretched unless significantly zoomed in. Zooming in farther wouldn't be a soluti...

Friday, May 7th 2021, 9:55am

Author: Super Awesome

Lensflare Free

Hi, excellent plugin! Is there any way to have more than one in a scene? <lensflare_settings ath="-44.902" atv="-75.750" sun="0.5" glare="0.2" r_ring="0.25" exposure="true" exposure_bias="-0.5" /> <lensflare_settings ath="46.901" atv="-74.894" sun="0.5" glare="0.2" r_ring="0.25" exposure="true" exposure_bias="-0.5"/> Only one of them seems to be showing up. Thanks for any help!

Friday, March 19th 2021, 4:40am

Author: Rub_n_Tug

XSS in krpano Panorama Viewer

Hi there, I'm dealing with several large corporate clients who are rather obsessive about security and penetration testing. They are apprehensive about creating tours because of potential threats and vulnerabilities which could be created by adding a tour to their server and website. I came across this which details an exploit titled: XSS in krpano Panorama Viewer Can anyone provide any more information about this and how I might deal with this if i...