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Wednesday, November 16th 2022, 5:24pm

Author: esotericvision

Reassembling a Panorama from slices

Hi, I have a client that no longer has the original equirectangular images. They need to reassemble them from the sliced up images in some files. I remember a long time ago of a program that did this. Is it still around? Can this be done? I dipped into the files and they were done with Krpano. Best Regards, Ben

Sunday, June 27th 2010, 5:17pm

Author: esotericvision

Facebook link...

Tuur posted this earlier on this thread. Fill it out and wait a few days.…embed_whitelist Best Regards, Ben

Monday, June 21st 2010, 5:43am

Author: esotericvision

One other change...

Original image size was now 4000x2000. Ben

Monday, June 21st 2010, 5:41am

Author: esotericvision

Okay it works now....!/pages/Austin-TX/Esoteric-Vision-Photography/110141526720?ref=ts&ajaxpipe=1&__a=15 Just a thought for everyone. Used the droplet for tiled swf. Image size changed to 320x450. Deleted all the css in the html. The only other change was the file path is slightly shorter. Guess it's time to refine it now. <head> <title>San Ignacio Hotel - Poolside at Twilight</title> <meta name="title" content="San Ignacio Hotel - Poolside at Twilight" /> <meta name="descripti...

Saturday, June 19th 2010, 2:03am

Author: esotericvision

Some say ignorance is bliss....

I can attest that the notion is complete nonsense. So now that I've looked at what I was doing closer I know what I did wrong. I guess that there is no balance between learning code and a full steam ahead photo assignment. It isn't a good idea. NOW the panos are set to auto tour by default or until stopped by the camera controls and perhaps a button. I do pledge to study the actions/arguements tutorial.

Friday, June 18th 2010, 1:29am

Author: esotericvision

So how do I use the event for onclick to kill the delayed call?

Michael, Hey I've looked at that post and applied the code to my viewer. It plays but still doesn't stop. I think the problem is how I'm trying to apply the onclick event. Basically I copied the code for the onclick event from Klaus' post since I have no idea how to deal with this! Each pano scene starts with the following code. Each scene calls the next that follows. Here's what I have now. Any suggestions? <krpano version="1.0.8" onstart="action(1);set(delayedcall stop,false);delayedcall(40,if...

Thursday, June 17th 2010, 2:45pm

Author: esotericvision

Perhaps a smaller cubeworlds then?

Bulp, You said "sometimes" it hangs like that for you? I used the .swf droplet to make the cube and publish it. Perhaps a smaller file to begin with would work. Have you tried that? The guys at have been getting this to work for years now and to their credit VERY consistently. Ben

Thursday, June 17th 2010, 6:41am

Author: esotericvision

Facebook embedding, partially accomlished

I've done a test for embedding. Since I'm whitelisted, the pano shows a thumb and recognizes the swf and tries to play it embedded in the posts. However, the space just comes up blank. I'm not sure exactly what the issue is but I'll look into in a few more days. I've posted link below. Look for "EMBEDDED PANO TEST .SWF" posted this evening. Maybe someone will know how to fix this part.…on-Photography/ Ben

Thursday, June 17th 2010, 4:50am

Author: esotericvision

Back on it...

Sorry. I haven't been paying attention to this thread. I'm whitelisted but now that 360cities is a pay program for pros I'll look into this more. I'll upload a pano as an .swf to my site, add the metadata to the head, and post it on facebook. Will follow up. Ben

Wednesday, June 16th 2010, 11:29pm

Author: esotericvision

Okay the basic auto tour is running. Next step.

Hey Greg, I've got a basic version of an auto tour running. It's VERY basic though. I added the following code for the onstart in each different scene's xml. I'm just planning on adding the next panorama manually for the next image I wish the user to view. If I'm on action 2 then the pano number will be 3. If I'm on action 3 then the pano number will be 4 and so on. It does work but I can't get the oninterrupt(break) to work at all. It's my understanding that oninterrupt(break) will stop the del...

Wednesday, June 16th 2010, 5:17am

Author: esotericvision


What can I say Greg? Thanks. I will be looking this over for awhile before I really understand it! Thanks again. Ben

Friday, June 11th 2010, 5:01pm

Author: esotericvision

Let me repeat that....

Hey Greg! Thanks for the reply. I'm not good with actions. So let me follow this. Here's where I'm at right now. I've not set the parameters for the plug in and that's why I assume I'm getting an error. Here's the xml that the index page points to the page copied below. There are 12 actions (loadpano) but I've deleted the rest since other plug-ins and more of the same actions to get rid of clutter. Got a few questions. Is the syntax correct for krpano first of all? What types of parameters shoul...

Thursday, June 10th 2010, 3:52pm

Author: esotericvision

Question: How do I autorotate for one spin and then load the next xml?

Hi, Have a client that needs one auto rotation per pano and then loading the next xml. After all the xml files have been shown, it needs to go back to the first pano and restart. User controls must be functional on demand and then going back to an auto rotation set to change panos/xml again after a set period of time. I know it's out there. I went through the forums and docs but I'm still not sure what to use. Oh, it's still an older version of krpano (1.0.6) I think. Any suggestions on the code...

Sunday, January 24th 2010, 7:17am

Author: esotericvision

kmakemultires ERROR ISSUES

I've been having problems with kmakemultires I've been getting an error message that the jpg image I've loaded is not an equilateral image. It's been driving me nuts today since I've been trying to get an assignment out the door. I often take my full size tiff (7500x3250), save it as a jpg and reduced in size for a faster load (4000x2000) using Photoshop CS3. I find that it's just easier to file away a full size image losses, pano image used for the viewer, and a thumb. I've tracked the...

Saturday, January 9th 2010, 7:00pm

Author: esotericvision

Following up...

Just got white listed by I used the form as asked. Got my response back in a week. I'll post the results on facebook when i get the chance.

Friday, January 1st 2010, 2:22am

Author: esotericvision

[resolved] with the answer now posted...

okay. contacted joekki on private message to get a clear answer. If you simply want to be able to "share" your panorama on facebook and have it embedded, you need to get the website where it's displayed "white listed" with facebook. It's not any sort of application just approved. You will, however, have to add new meta data to the head of the document so facebook can correctly identify it. If it's not approved it shows the thumb we posted on facebook but will open the link on a separate page. As...

Sunday, December 27th 2009, 11:05pm

Author: esotericvision

Embedding on

Hey Everyone, I've been messing around now with embedding my panoramas on facebook. I understand the addition of metadata in the head of the html page and have gotten this done. I tested the link on facebook but instead of the embedding I got taken straight to the page instead of embedding. Further reading shows that I need to be white listed by facebook. Now here is where I have a few questions: 1. So do I have to list my little embedded panoramas as an application? 2. Is it the application tha...

Monday, December 21st 2009, 4:58pm

Author: esotericvision


klaus, thanks again for the help. setting the transfer to binary worked fine for licensing. as for the php, he's coding it himself so some features of the panoramas now work and some don't. he will work around the issue. once again, thanks. ben