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Friday, December 16th 2022, 5:44am

Author: Abinaya

How to integrate tour_edithelper.xml into our code?

HI Thanks for the above response, it is useful for our virtual tour project

Thursday, December 15th 2022, 5:40am

Author: Abinaya

How to use tour_edithelper.xml ?

Hi, Do you have any guide or any referance material regarding how to use tour_edithelper.xml??

Saturday, December 10th 2022, 1:43pm

Author: Abinaya

How to get tx, ty, tz while clicking on the scene in everpano ?

hi var hs = krpano.get("hotspot[myhotspot]"); console.log(hs.tx, hs.ty,; hs.tx = 500; # etc... or var tx = krpano.get("hotspot[myhotspot].tx"); krpano.set("hotspot[myhotspot].ty", 750); I've tried the above solution, but in my scenario, I want tx, ty, and tz values dynamically whenever I click on the scene. Can you please help me with this..

Saturday, December 10th 2022, 12:41pm

Author: Abinaya

How to get the values of tx, ty and tz dynamically?

Hi, Is it possible to create info hotspot dynamically? How to take tx, ty, and tz values dynamically in everpano?? can you guide me on how to take tx,ty,tz values dynamically using javascript?