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Gestern, 11:57

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

Auto fullscreen mode on mobile landscape

Hi, depends on what you mean... on iOS and full-height webpages this is a Browser-feature, on Android it's a custom feature - which can be disabled of course: Best regards, Klaus

Gestern, 10:44

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

bingmap radar display direction of rotation?

Hi, that's a bug in Bingmaps-API itself - please see here for an updated bingmaps plugin with a workaround: krpano 1.19-pr15 / pr16 Best regards, Klaus

Gestern, 10:41

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

Interactive Area Question

Hi, please have a look here: Example/Tutorial - Extract a Distorted Hotspot from any kind of Pano Image (with perfect pixel alignment) Best regards, Klaus

Gestern, 10:40

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

A question about multires breakpoints

Hi, there can be several reasons, please post your example for getting a correct answer. About the DFOV - the diagonal field of view is based on the 'window-size' and that can be different between landscape and portrait orientation because of the browser UI. Beside of that - you could adjust the multiresolution-level-switching by the multiresthreshold setting: Best regards, Klaus

Gestern, 10:34

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

How to detect Notched Mobile like iphone X, XR, XS, XSmax and few android as well ?

Hi, krpano has already build-in support for iOS devices with notches - see here and the links there for more information:…#news119iphonex The safe-area support in krpano is currently only enabled for iOS to avoid conflicts with potentially different working implementations from Android Chrome. I have no Android device with a notch yet and at the moment it's not clear if even Android Chrome itself already really support that... Best regards, Klaus

Gestern, 10:22

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

is possible decrypt one .xml file encrypted?

Zitat von »herrpedro« can you send me a pm with your email Just have a look here:

Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2018, 11:53

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

Chrome 70.0.3538.77 breaks KRPano touch functionality

Hi, right, I can confirm, the Chrome workaround interferes with the Edge workaround The 'ontouchstart' would need keep 'undefined' on non-touch devices and not 'false' like in the workaround. That's also the related to the 'device.touchdevice' problem from above in the thread. Here an 'improved' version of the workaround: Quellcode 1 2 3 navigator.pointerEnabled = navigator.maxTouchPoints > 0; // Edge 17 touch support workaround document.documentElement.ontouchstart = navigator.maxTouchPoints > ...

Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2018, 11:33

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

Function passQueryParameters

Hi, Zitat von »jeronicoz« For information, this script came from Panotour pro templates...I tried to export some projects with the last version and they still use #. Thanks for the info! Hmm... so far I know all krpano documentation and examples were for '?' query parameters, so when PTP is using '#' that's not that good of course... And supporting the # hash key is also not that good, because can it interfere with anchor links (e.g. anchor link names would get passed to krpano as variables). I ...

Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2018, 10:50

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

Action args case bug

Hi, Right, the lower case conversion is missing there... Thanks for reporting! Will be fixed in the next release! Best regards, Klaus

Freitag, 30. November 2018, 20:25

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

[solved] In this forum... How to insert code in multiple lines?

Hi, basically just the [code] BB-tag could be used (there is also an icon for this in the editor)... But there might be browser where the code-pasting might not work. If that's the case please tell me what browser and system you use. Best regards, Klaus

Freitag, 30. November 2018, 20:23

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

krpano.license help

Hi, try clearing your browser-cache or make sure that the new/registered viewer files were correctly uploaded. Best regards, Klaus

Freitag, 30. November 2018, 20:21

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

Function passQueryParameters

Hi, krpano doesn't support using the 'hash' character '#' for passing parameters! (although older version accidentally did - see here in the 1.19-r15 release notes the note about the related change/fix). Only the 'query' character '?' is supported. See your url: .../internationalsos360tour.html#s=intsos360tour1 correct would be: .../internationalsos360tour.html?s=intsos360tour1 Best regards, Klaus

Mittwoch, 28. November 2018, 13:37

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

BING and GOOGLEMAP Has Big BUG using over 200 spots.

Hi, I have already written to you mail. I will check this, but as written the spots are rendered/displayed by the particular maps api - the means the spots in the Google Maps plugin will be rendered by the Google Maps API and the spots in the Bing Maps plugin will be rendered by the Bing Maps API. And when these APIs perform differently (good or bad) that depends mainly on the API itself and not on krpano. Best regards, Klaus

Mittwoch, 28. November 2018, 13:34

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

Use makevtour for hotspots, but delete the thumbnails?

Hi, remove the whole 'skin_layer' <layer> element from the vtourskin.xml. Or remove the whole vtourskin.xml and take only the hotspot related code from there. Best regards, Klaus

Mittwoch, 28. November 2018, 13:32

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

Deeplinking anpassung der Parameter

Hi, ja, grundsätzlich schon - du müsstest die Parameter aber selbst auswerten und damit die entsprechenden krpano Werte setzen. Siehe dazu in der tour.xml die "startup" <action> - dort werden die Standardmäßigen 'startscene' und 'startactions' Parameter des vtourskin.xml Deeplinkings ausgewertet. Schöne Grüße, Klaus

Mittwoch, 28. November 2018, 13:27

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

Windows Stagewidth bug?

Hi, sorry, but that would be very strange, there must be also something else... Best regards, Klaus

Mittwoch, 28. November 2018, 13:27

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

Webvr not working with Chrome's latest updates

Zitat von »farhanfhk« After changing the gyro2.js and webvr.js in my project, the cardboard icon dissapeared. Have you updated also the krpano viewer? Maybe the version of the viewer and plugins don't match...

Mittwoch, 28. November 2018, 12:48

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

Disable mousewheel on site but enable it in fullscreen mode

Hi, yes - the html5 viewer has a 'control.disablewheel' setting for disabling/enabling mouse-wheel support (this one will be internally also set when using the mwheel embedding parameter). So it would be possible to enable it again for fullscreen mode this way: Quellcode 1 2 3 4 <events name="mwheel_fullscreen" keep="true" onenterfullscreen="set(control.disablewheel, false);" onexitfullscreen="set(control.disablewheel, true);" /> Best regards, Klaus

Mittwoch, 28. November 2018, 12:39

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

MHTML for oculus go offline view?

Hi, sorry, no idea about MHTML and its real browser support... Best regards, Klaus

Mittwoch, 28. November 2018, 12:23

Forenbeitrag von: »klaus.krpano«

working with 1000+ hotspot [solved]

Hi, I would say a) or c) depending on your needs. Hotspot related both cases would be the same. And for the most efficient way do it via type="Javascript" actions, e.g. Quellcode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 <action name="test_add_and_remove_100_spots" type="Javascript"><![CDATA[ // remove all current spots while ( krpano.hotspot.count > 0 ) { krpano.actions.removehotspot(0); } // add new spots for (var i=0; i < 100; i++) { var hs = krpano.actions.addhotspot("spot" + i); hs...