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Sonntag, 17. Juni 2018, 10:27

Forenbeitrag von: »Taco«

Fade-In effect at the first scene

Hi, Using blend, the 4th argument of loadscene function, it can give effect between scene transition, but not seems to be applied at the start scene. I'd like to have a fade-in effect from black screen at the start scene. How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance.

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2018, 13:58

Forenbeitrag von: »Taco«

tour_testingserver.exe suddenly disappeared

Hi, When I started tour_testingserver.exe, chrome(default browser) crushed. To make matters worse, both tour_testingserver.exe and chrome.exe were deleted. I had to reinstall chrome again. This occurred three times so far. Environment: Windows10 McAfee livesafe There were no event logs on windows. I suspect McAfee did something but there were only firewall warnings on the history. For now, every time I start tour_testingserver.exe, I disable firewall and real time scan of McAfee. I'm so anxious ...