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Friday, October 20th 2017, 6:29pm

Author: PanoBird

Where can I find the kmaketiles tool, and how to use it?

Hi! I have 2 original panorama's that got lost. I do still have the PTP output. I can use the make panorama from cube, but only for non multi res cubes. In this thread I am reading about using kmaketiles to convert multi res tiles back to a big spherical image. But no explanations where this tool is, and how to use it. Please advise thanks An update of the droplet or separate droplet similar to make sphere from cube would be great! Thanks! Stijn

Monday, November 14th 2016, 9:40am

Author: PanoBird

Loading failed embedded video hotspot (error loading mp4)

Hi! I have an embedded mp4 video that keeps on giving loading error on some PC's, (not on mac). I've swapped the video files to check if it was something actually wrong with the video file, but same result. Anyone have a clue ? Using the mobile version for desktop was no help btw (someone adviced me to try this, but without succes) Any advice please? Thanks!