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Wednesday, April 13th 2016, 5:43pm

Author: pkondratyuk

Tesselation in Panini

Hi Klaus, I was wondering, is the fix for tesselation in the Panini projection in the works for the final version of release 19? Thanks!

Saturday, February 20th 2016, 2:29am

Author: pkondratyuk

Zigzag distortion in the Pannini projection

Hi Klaus, Thank you for this wonderful piece of software. I am using krpano with the Pannini projection, and I am seeing these zigzag distortions close to the "polar" regions: with Pannini projection: Normal projection: One consequence is that you can't use a nadir patch, because it comes out too distorted. Do you know why it's happening and how to get rid of it? I want to keep using the Pannini projection because it looks much more natural at high angles of view. The tour where you can see this...