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Wednesday, November 13th 2019, 3:52pm

Author: klaus.krpano

Larger file than 4GB

Quoted from "tomasparks" you may want to email klaus to get bigTiff support in krpano BigTiff support already there for several years.

Wednesday, November 13th 2019, 3:50pm

Author: klaus.krpano

Direct link to specific scene tutorial (url params)

Hi, just set the deeplinking setting in the tour.xml to true - then you will get automatically links/urls to the current scene and current view. Best regards, Klaus

Wednesday, November 13th 2019, 3:48pm

Author: klaus.krpano

Polygonal hotspots bug

Hi, the new polygonal hotspots rendering by WebGL has a limitation that a polygonal can't cover more than 180 degree field of view. The reasons is that the polygonal is internally projected into a flat surface to make it possible to sub-divide it intro triangles for rendering. And a flat surface is limited to limited to 180 coverage. The advantage of that is the way faster rendering. At means at the moment such large polygonal would need to be either splitted into several smaller ones - or the s...

Wednesday, November 13th 2019, 3:43pm

Author: klaus.krpano

Oculus Go desktop mode

Hi, Quoted from "jeromebg" non-distorted hotspot have a different scale. Right, the size of non-distorted hotspots which have additionally no zoom="true" set are depending on the screen/window-size that the browser is reporting. The Oculus Browser is using a 800x451 window/screen size by default. krpano is using a 2048x1024 window/screen size in WebVR mode when it knows it's a 'mobilevr' device. That typically better fits designs/layouts made for general usage. But in 'desktop mode' krpano has n...

Wednesday, November 13th 2019, 3:34pm

Author: klaus.krpano

Oculus go problem. Incorrect tiles are displayed.

Hi, one additional change - when using the desktop mode in the Oculus browser it's not possible to detect that the device is a 'mobilevr' device, so here small change in the vtourksin.xml to load the VR images faster: Look for this line in the vtourskin.xml: Source code 1 loadscene(get(xml.scene), null, MERGE|KEEPVIEW|KEEPMOVING|KEEPPLUGINS|KEEPHOTSPOTS|NOPREVIEW, BLEND(0.5)); and remove there the NOPREVIEW flag: Source code 1 loadscene(get(xml.scene), null, MERGE|KEEPVIEW|KEEPMOVING|KEEPPLUGINS...

Wednesday, November 13th 2019, 3:17pm

Author: klaus.krpano

Oculus go problem. Incorrect tiles are displayed.

Hi, to load the special VR images directly on startup on devices like the Oculus Go or Oculus Quest change the xml this way: Source code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 <scene ... havevrimage.mobilevr="false""true" ...> ... <image if="!(webvr.isenabled OR device.mobilevr)"> ... </image> <image if="webvr.isenabled OR device.mobilevr"> ... </image> ... </scene> Explanation: the device.mobilevr setting (new since 1.20) is true on these devices and so the VR images get loaded direct...

Monday, October 28th 2019, 5:57pm

Author: klaus.krpano

How to use the same tiles for 2 tours?

Hi, the error message just indicates that the paths might be still wrong. Maybe try also using the browser developer tools to find out more which paths are finally tried to get loaded. Best regards, Klaus

Monday, October 28th 2019, 5:54pm

Author: klaus.krpano

krpano 1.19 on iOS13.3

Hi, basically just use version 1.20+. Or if you really want to use 1.19 (which I wouldn't recommend) you can also just copy only the gyro2.js from 1.20 and use it in 1.19. The gyro plugin itself is compatible also with older versions. Best regards, Klaus

Monday, October 28th 2019, 5:51pm

Author: klaus.krpano

Get access to layertoscreen global function from krpano object?

Hi, that 'layertoscreen' is an action and mainly designed for usage from actions. It would be callable from JS via krpano.actions.layertoscreen, but as it is an action it works with krpano variables. So to call it, the variable would need to be set before and get after the call. Here an example: Source code 1 2 3 4 5 krpano.set("layerx", ...); krpano.set("layery", ...); krpano.actions.layertoscreen("layername", "layerx", "layery", "screenx", "screeny"); var screenx = krpano.get("screenx"); var s...

Monday, October 28th 2019, 9:26am

Author: klaus.krpano

Stereo cubestrip to equirectangular?

Hi, sorry, but the convert droplet expects only cube-faces as input. Only the make pano/make vtour droplets are supporting cubestrips and stereo-cubestrips as input (but there for generating a pano/tour). You could use the maketiles tool to split the cubestrip image into the separated cube-face images, then rename the files and then use the convert droplet... Best regards, Klaus

Monday, October 28th 2019, 9:23am

Author: klaus.krpano

v1.19pr16 crashing Oculus browsers???

Hi, just updating the core krpano files is not possible? That means only the viewer and plugins files? Best regards, Klaus

Monday, October 28th 2019, 9:21am

Author: klaus.krpano


Hi, basically any kind of fov should be possible. What is your exact definition of 'VR180' or do you have an example image? Then should be possible to provide an example xml syntax for it. Best regards, Klaus

Monday, October 28th 2019, 9:20am

Author: klaus.krpano

On IOS 13, web pages are reloaded frequently

Hi, the crash/reloads means the memory need is too high. A text-hotspot can also need a lot of memory. Internally every hotspot textfield will be converted to an image/texture and depending on the size and resolution (oversampling) a hotspot can need a noticeable amount of memory. You could try adding renderer="css3d" to these hotspots, then the browser is rendering these textfields by its own by using CSS-3D-transforms. Best regards, Klaus

Monday, October 28th 2019, 9:16am

Author: klaus.krpano

How to use the same tiles for 2 tours?

Hi, basically all you need todo is the set the correct urls (relative or absolute) to the tiles in the xml files. And if doing access across domains then also CORS on the server need to setup correctly - more information about that here: Best regards, Klaus

Monday, October 21st 2019, 6:42pm

Author: klaus.krpano

Auto transition between panoramas with dissolve

Hi, this would work with the latest krpano version too, but in the vtourskin.xml of the latest version there is already an 'auto-tour' functionality integrated. To enable it just set the 'autotour' setting in the tour.xml from 'false' to 'true'. Best regards, Klaus

Saturday, October 19th 2019, 11:30pm

Author: klaus.krpano

krpano mit macos Catalina

Hi, bitte befolge die 'Installationsanleitung' Schritt-für-Schritt dann sollte es funktionieren: Schöne Grüße, Klaus

Saturday, October 19th 2019, 11:28pm

Author: klaus.krpano

Chrome browser on iPhone wont go full screen

Hi, the iPhone doesn't support the HTML5 Fullscreen API and the iOS Chrome browser doesn't offer an alternative way for getting somehow into fullscreen mode as Safari. Quoted but Im ready to use another for use with VR headsets if I cant get these issues solved. Good luck, but as it is technically currently impossible to get iOS Chrome into a fullscreen mode ... Best regards, Klaus

Saturday, October 19th 2019, 11:24pm

Author: klaus.krpano

ios 13 and DeviceOrientationEvent.requestPermission

Hi, please ignore that code above, that's misleading and not krpano related. All you would need todo is to use the latest krpano version and HTTPS and gyro/webvr will work. Best regards, Klaus

Tuesday, October 15th 2019, 9:26pm

Author: klaus.krpano

Panotour Pro Update Package

Hi, there is a new krpano release which includes several Panotour Pro Update Package updates and fixes: krpano 1.20 krpano Release Notes: Panotour Pro Change Log: Best regards, Klaus

Tuesday, October 15th 2019, 9:21pm

Author: klaus.krpano

krpano 1.20.2

Hi, there is another minor update: krpano 1.20.2 - Release Notes It fixes several Panotour Pro Update Package problems, e.g. custom 'Documents' folders are supported now.The encrypt tool works correct again.There is now again a 32bit Windows version for older systems.The vtourskin.xml has got a nice 'auto tour' feature - just set autotour=true in the tour.xml and the tour will smoothly auto-rotate through all scenes.And there is a new Javascript-Sync-Example - it syncs the view from two differen...