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Monday, October 14th 2019, 9:58am

Author: Reggie

Thank you!

Klaus, This tool is awesome. Thank you!

Monday, December 10th 2018, 2:24pm

Author: Reggie


Quoted from "San7" videoplayer_open(%CURRENTXML%/video/video.mp4,%CURRENTXML%/video/video.webm,%CURRENTXML%/video/video-poster.jpg,0.5,0.9,0.9,true); San, Thank you for sharing this. It is a very useful tool! Is there a way to play a panovideo (360 video) inside of the viewer? When I try, it plays as the 360 video flat. I noticed in your example earlier in the string that the Klaus panovideo example was playing in the TV on the wall. But it, too, was playing only as a flat video with no interac...

Wednesday, April 4th 2018, 10:58am

Author: Reggie

Time to relax

Ha! You're so right Tuur. There's nothing more relaxing than watching Bob Ross!

Sunday, March 4th 2018, 3:59pm

Author: Reggie

Swipe events on 2d layer

Quoted from "Mael B."

Sunday, March 4th 2018, 11:12am

Author: Reggie

Thank you!

Thanks Mael! I use Panomaster's original plugin much....and your improvements are awesome. I'm going to use this today! Thank you for improving and sharing an already valuable tool! Cheers, Reggie

Sunday, February 25th 2018, 7:22pm

Author: Reggie

Thank You!

Simple is a relative term. It took me hours to figure out how to correctly implement the code generated by this tool, but I am so happy that I worked on it....and I'm very grateful that you were generous enough to take the time to develop it...and share it! Cheers! Reggie

Wednesday, February 7th 2018, 4:12pm

Author: Reggie

Custom Combobox Item Style for Specific Item Lines

I have used dead links in Caps as Combobox items to serve as subheadings to separate a list of parks by region (NORTH, SOUTH, etc.) Is there a way to change the font color or background color for only those items (item 2, item 13, item 21, item 34, item 53 in the list below) to distinguish those subheadings? <combobox name="cbsettings" design="glas" align="righttop" x="100" y="120" zorder="1" onchange="selectItemByName(0);"> <item name="item1" caption="John Tarleton Park" onclick="loadscene(scen...

Friday, September 29th 2017, 5:15pm

Author: Reggie

Mapspot tooltip not showing on hover

The new combobox is awesome, but in new build, despite using "tooltips_mapspots="true" in skin settings, the mapspot tooltips are not showing on mouseover for Google Maps. Also worth mentioning is that I get an error message when opening the new Tour Editor that says "plugins/scrollarea.js failed to load (0)" even though the scrollarea.js is in the plugins folder. Once hotspots are added to the panos using the editor, they show a tooltip on mouseover, but mapspots do not. I really need tooltips ...

Sunday, September 10th 2017, 7:51pm

Author: Reggie


San, For those of us who are not "coders," something like this is truly a gift. I will buy this when you are ready to sell it! Cheers, Reggie

Thursday, August 31st 2017, 10:14am

Author: Reggie

Thank you!

Thanks Pur!

Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 4:47pm

Author: Reggie

Thank you Andrey!

Thanks Man! Very generous of you to share works like a charm! Cheers, Reggie

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017, 11:59am

Author: Reggie

Many Thanks!

Quoted from "Tuur" Hi all, i made 2 gallery's to show flat photo's in your tour. - normal - slide you can download them here: free to use, free to transform… just have fun! examples:…gallery_normal/…y/gallery_slide i hope you enjoy! Tuur Quoted from "Tuur" Thank you Tuur! These are nice arrows to have in the quiver! Quoted from "Tuur"

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017, 12:10pm

Author: Reggie


Pete, Umalo posted this…image#post54665 I'm not sure about the fading part, but I have used this a number of times. Here is an example w/o the fade: . Cheers, Reggie

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017, 10:32am

Author: Reggie

Photo gallery

Quoted from "San7" Quoted from "indexofrefraction" Quoted from "San7" Sample photo gallery. lol :-) the poor guy! i m sure he had no vote on that website :-D The guy voted for the gallery! This is my wife's brother. Thanks for your feedback! This is so creative! Thanks for sharing San! Reggie

Friday, May 19th 2017, 1:36pm

Author: Reggie

Thank You Klaus!

......your ingenuity is eclipsed only by your generosity!

Wednesday, April 5th 2017, 11:23am

Author: Reggie

KRPano is amazing!

Klaus, KRpano is awesome! My first workflow experiments with 360 video involved uploading to youtube (before integrating into KRpano) and I quickly learned that editing options for 360 video in the non-KRpano world are extremely limited. For KRpano though, anything is possible. Once again, I feel like an idiot for not looking at the main .xml file first, and I always feel really humbled when you are gracious enough to reply to dumb (in retrospect) questions like mine!

Thursday, March 30th 2017, 10:30pm

Author: Reggie

Set "Initial View" for 360 Video

Hi, I'm experimenting with the Nikon Keymission 360 Camera and am discovering that the editing options for the ouput are few. With some experience using the old Nikon "two-shot" opposing views fisheye lens from Nikon, my first instinct in using this Keymission camera was to position it so that it splits the light source evenly to minimize exposure variations in the "hemispheres." Unfortunately, the initial view of the resulting video often ends up being the opposite of your intended focal point....

Wednesday, March 8th 2017, 10:34am

Author: Reggie

This is Awesome!

Tuur, For me, the code and the demo that you give here provides the platform I have needed to make an "evolutionary" leap in understanding concepts like zorder, tween types, and the construction of actions. This is a pedagogical master stroke! Cheers, Reggie

Tuesday, March 7th 2017, 5:40pm

Author: Reggie

That's embarrassing!

....but my since I scoured the forum for 2 days to get that close, my eureka moment is only slightly diminished. Thank you jeromebg!

Tuesday, March 7th 2017, 12:02pm

Author: Reggie

Add openurl attribute to dynamically loaded hotspot action

Hi, I am using a logo image in layer on skin to dynamically load a hotspot. I would like for the hotspot to launch a website "onclick." Here is the code that I have tried:[code<action name="addhot2spot">addhotspot(newspot); set(hotspot[newspot].url, skin/hotspot.png); set(hotspot[newspot].onlick, openurl('',_blank));set(hotspot[newspot].ath,150);set(hotspot[newspot].atv,200);set(hotspot[newspot].scale,0.9);set(hotspot[newspot].zoom,true);</action>][/code] and this isn't work...