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Tuesday, March 1st 2016, 10:49pm

Author: menards

encrypt images in HTML

Hello, A customer asked me to have a secured virtual tour with a password access and encryted files (including jpeg images). For the password access i foreseen to use the password plugin from Tuur but i need also to encrypt the xml and jpeg files. I know that it should work by embeded files in swf but i tried with not really success, with 1.19 pr3 version the skin files where not loaded also it's a flash virtual tour and it can't be played on smartphone or tablets. Do you have a simple solution ...

Wednesday, February 17th 2016, 2:23pm

Author: menards

VR Image quality when 'moving'

Hello, How to preload higher resolution images for smartphone with high definition (I have a quad-HD, LG G3 ) , and what would be the best compromize between image quality and fluidity ? regards. stéphane

Wednesday, February 17th 2016, 2:19pm

Author: menards

fake webVR mode missing in firefox

Hello, I have edited a virtual tour VR and when i visualize it with Firefox (44.0.2) i don't have the VR logo (cardboard) on the menu. I've got it in Chrome and Safari, do you know where is the problem ? Regards. Stéphane

Monday, October 19th 2015, 10:51pm

Author: menards

Embded object movie swf in html5

Hello, I'm begginer in krpano and xml langage, so my question may be obvious. I'm creating object movies with makeobject dropplet, it generates swf file and i need HTML5 file to be view on androïd and iphone/Ipad smartphone. It's seems it's possible to embded swf file in HTML with embedpano.js. Could you give the procedure to embded the object movie? Regards Stéphane