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Wednesday, January 15th 2020, 12:10pm

Author: Brandon Gough

3d models inside everpano

Is there an update on support for 3d models in krpano? Looking forward to it. Could you give us a hint on what file format will be supported? The current way of using three.js is quite inconvenient for me, out of all the formats I work with (Artec Studio mostly) only .OBJ is supported and I have to use either a converter or a third party 3D software, performing 3d model import\export in the required format and often errors appear or problems with textures. I hope we will see support for 3d model...

Friday, January 10th 2020, 1:15pm

Author: Brandon Gough

Easy HTML Lightbox Plugin

Great info, thank you light_line!!

Thursday, January 9th 2020, 3:01pm

Author: Brandon Gough

Hardware to support krpano in 4K

I'm not a pro but I've heard that you need as much RAM as you can afford and fast CPU. Personally I'm using i7-4790K and 32GB DDR4

Sunday, January 5th 2020, 2:35pm

Author: Brandon Gough

Happy new year!

Happy New Year, dear friends! May all your projects this year be successfully completed.