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Monday, May 25th 2020, 6:24pm

Author: Tuur

krpano 1.20

Quoted When using <include> elements inside a <scene>, then these includes will be first loaded when loading the actual scene instead of loading all the includes already when loading the main xml. When using a lot of scenes with includes, this can noticeable speedup the startup. Tuur

Monday, May 25th 2020, 1:11pm

Author: Tuur

Deep linking changes the directions

Hi Hans, perhaps adding (back) this to your startup actions does the job: Quoted if(startactions !== null, startactions() ); Hope it helps, Tuur

Sunday, May 17th 2020, 7:27pm

Author: Tuur

Tell me how to make the same panorama?

Hi, No.. it's 'just' some pano's and some buttons that load the right pano. Interface is too small on mobile, for improvement there..and ios has no need/use for fullscreen button... Tuur

Sunday, May 17th 2020, 2:52pm

Author: Tuur

Live Video Presenter

Hi, I googled it quickly and there seems quite much js options doing this.. So, i would guess: possible. Might have a try one of these days.. Tuur

Friday, May 15th 2020, 3:07pm

Author: Tuur

Speed of littleplanet intro

The thirth 'position' is time!! Change 2.5 --> 10 And take your 10 at 4th away! Tuur

Saturday, May 9th 2020, 9:38am

Author: Tuur

Hotspots over a static architectural plan

Hi, I was trying to investigate what you want. Still not clear to me. Tuur

Wednesday, May 6th 2020, 12:32pm

Author: Tuur

krpano 1.20

Thanks for the confirmation, the explanation and the future fix! Tuur

Wednesday, May 6th 2020, 11:31am

Author: Tuur

kr panor tour folder size vs panotour pro folder size

Hi, this is one of the many benefits of krpano. Just have a look in the 'tiles' folder of both. Krpano is much more efficient, also in the code. In ptp you also have much 'dead' code and also GUI related code. But i would guess the amount of code is hardly adding to this huge difference. Tuur

Saturday, May 2nd 2020, 11:41pm

Author: Tuur

krpano 1.20

... i have the same using the MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) Droplet or MAKE PANO (MULTIRES) Droplet When i add type="CUBESTRIP" to the preview it is ok. I think this is a template/skin bug. Quoted Possible settings: empty, not set, the default - when not set, the type of the preview image will be detected automatically by its image-size and side-aspect (e.g. 2:1 = sphere, 1:6 = cubestrip, ...) @Klaus Can you change that in next release? Tuur

Saturday, May 2nd 2020, 2:54pm

Author: Tuur

Licence expired error

Hi, clean your cache and also get us a link to see. Tuur

Saturday, May 2nd 2020, 12:30pm

Author: Tuur

Distorted hotspots - to replace posters in pano

Hi, Thanks! here is the post about it.…74910#post74910 Tuur

Friday, May 1st 2020, 9:18am

Author: Tuur

WebXR on Oculus GO issue

don't forget to mention also gyro and vr for ios.. Glad Klaus tackled this in time.. But yes... all old tours should be updated for this. Update tour.js and all js plugin files. Perhaps also webvr.xml when not custom.. I agree Thomas.. but shouting to deaf ears .. Tuur

Tuesday, April 28th 2020, 5:25pm

Author: Tuur

krpano 1.20

Hi Klaus, Perhaps this preview bug is still there (?) i still find an/the issue on the preview image on larger panos. I dropped a 66222 x 33111 pano on MAKE VTOUR (VR-OPT) Droplet i see the issue since 1.20.3.. just checked. I tried with psb and tif.. both the same issue. When i use a smaller pano like 13k then it seems ok. Let me know if you want me to send you the file or the droplet output. (Klaus only) I'm on mac osx 10.15.4 (19E266) Tuur

Friday, April 24th 2020, 4:16pm

Author: Tuur

How you guys keep eyes on the forum?

First i open my eyes, most of the time, and then i have a look, almost on daily basis. For posts i find interesting i add them to favorite list (see bottom). Tuur

Friday, April 24th 2020, 11:14am

Author: Tuur

Make a Button for a Phone Call

Hi, something like this? Source code 1 <layer name="tel" keep="true" type="text" html="call me" onclick="openurl(tel:+31612345678,_self);" /> Hope it helps Tuur

Thursday, April 23rd 2020, 10:13am

Author: Tuur

gyro2 plugin usage

Try: Add keep="true" to the gyro plugin code And Perhaps also the path is wrong.. plugins/gyro2.js ?? On which device you test? Tuur

Monday, April 20th 2020, 10:25am

Author: Tuur

Pull Infos from external Website to put in a 360° Tour

i would say that you also cronjob all that info and strip it to your needs. Tuur

Friday, April 17th 2020, 1:17pm

Author: Tuur

unauthorized domain

Hi, The question is: what did you put online..? Did you drop some panos on one of the droplets and put the result online? With the krpano tools tool you can create your own viewer (tour.js) + a lot of settings/restrictions.. Did you played with that? Tuur

Friday, April 17th 2020, 9:16am

Author: Tuur

IOS 13.4 issues

Hi, Quoted And if I saw the xmls created, they said version 1.20 not 1.20.5 That is normal. Quoted And I can't see is functioning with iPhone with IOS 13.4 You encrypted all so it is hard to see which versions of the plugins you use. I think it is not needed in this case to encrypt. Are you sure all plugin js files in the plugin folder are also 1.20.5? And the viewer js too? (tour.js) i see in the log: INFO: krpano 1.20 (build 2019-09-02) that is an old version!!! that should be: INFO: krpano 1....