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Tuesday, March 26th 2019, 5:48pm

Author: Dhiego Lucio

Load 360 video from another source

Hi, is there a possibility to load a 360 from another place? I tried to load a video like this, but not worked: <action name="add_video_sources"> videointerface_addsource('1024x512', '|%CURRENTXML%/uploads/video/iphone-audio.m4a', '%CURRENTXML%/uploads/video/video-1024x512-poster.jpg'); videointerface_addsource('1920x960', '|%CURRENTXML%/uploads/video/iphone-audio.m4a', '%CURRENTXML%/uploads/video/video-192...

Sunday, June 12th 2016, 4:53pm

Author: Dhiego Lucio

KRPano with SCORM

Hi all, I mage a way to be able to launch krpano on SCORM, but it's not working for mac/iphone! PC/android everything works sweet, but mac/iphone it starts, show the "loading" and all these error: INFO: krpano 1.19-pr4 (build 2016-04-07) INFO: iPhone - iOS:7.1.2 - Chrome 44.0 - CSS3D INFO: Registered to: Alex Coelho ERROR: hotspot[vr_cursor] loading error: ./assets/plugins/krpano/plugins/webvr_cursor_80x80_17f.png ERROR: hotspot[spot1_2] loading error: uploads/../assets/plugins/krpano/skin/waves...

Sunday, June 12th 2016, 4:50pm

Author: Dhiego Lucio

Panorama on Moodle LMS - Broken Paths

Could you make it work on mac/iphone? I make it here but on apple devices is not working.