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Saturday, January 4th 2020, 12:20pm

Author: 360photoplus

Moving inside single panorama

Hi, is there an option to enable moment with w,s,a,d keyboard controls in single panorama like on preview (preview from video is from Everpano) ? Here is link to panorama I would like to be able to move with w,s,a,d controls-…/everpano_test/ Also can someone share code for interface like, here is movement enabled with w,s,a,d controls on keyboard -…l-tour/tour.xml I wold like to add res...

Monday, September 9th 2019, 9:27am

Author: 360photoplus

Panotour pro

Hi Klaus, First I want to thank you for developing krpano and supporting Panotour Pro. Secondly I have a idea to share. Probably you have already something similar on the mind. 1) Start Kickstarter or something similar to raise funds for buying Panotour Pro softwere code. 2) Make it part of krpano. I think lot of people would back you up financially and even you could hire someone of old Kolor team to help you. I would be firs to give funds to this. Just idea, thank you for great update!