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Tuesday, March 23rd 2010, 6:13pm

krpotect 2010-03-07 does not include xml and pictures


I`ve tried to make a protected SWF with krprotect. But I have the problem that krprotect didn`t recognize the included (xml)files.

I`ve included some xml-files and some pictures in the main-xml-files which appear automatically in the "Embed/Encrypt"-window in krprotect. The file size of the generated swf-file is the size of all included files plus the main xml-file. So everthing should be embeded. But when I start the panorama I get an loading error (IO error) message with the missing files.

I tried the actual 2010-03-07 and the 2010-02-21 versions of krprotect.

When I use an older version of krprotect of the beta8 everthing is fine!

Do you have some proposals what could be wrong?

Thank you very much,


Tuesday, March 30th 2010, 10:17pm

Do you have some proposals what could be wrong?
is the SWFPATH set correct?
maybe the SWFPATH was set from a previous xml/example,
try the following - select "New Project" and add the XML again,

if not - can you please send me a (small) not working example?

best regards,