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Friday, February 20th 2009, 8:42pm

New KRPano user and first example panorama

Hi All,

I thought it was about time that I started using a Flash based system for delivery of my panoramas and I've had my eye on KRPano as the one to watch for quite some time now. Obviously it was Flash 10 and the banishment of the wavy lines that convinced me to consider the change from Quicktime and Pangea VR and in my opinion KRPano seems to me to offer the best viewer out there.

After playing with the demo for the past few days I decided to purchase a license and have just put my test panorama live on my server. You can see it here .

I particularly love the sharpening that KRPano offers and this example is using a 6000 x 3000 equirectangular jpeg. You can compare it to the Quicktime version on my site here .

Although I'm quite happy with the 2 - 3 mb file size perhaps someone could tell me what the usual file format is and what are the main advantages of each type?

So now that I have my license it's time to start learning all the features of KRPano and how best to add it to my site, thanks so much Klaus for all your work on this so far *thumbsup*





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Saturday, February 21st 2009, 1:58am

That's a great looking scene... and some great work on your site.

I can't say with any certainty... but I think the cubic format is best as it requires the least amount of processing from flash. That statement is based upon vague recollection from another post somewhere on here. *g* ... and subject to change when a more qualified person responds.



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Saturday, February 21st 2009, 3:04am

Welcome vrsteve,

as graydon says *thumbsup* good stuff, nice site

you're gonna love krpano

tuur *thumbsup*

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