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Wednesday, March 24th 2010, 8:28am

krpano xml io error

What does work out ? *cursing*

krpano.xml loading error ( I/O error)

IE8, Safari, Firefox ( Windows 7 x64) , Adobe Player 10
lmusialek has attached the following image:
  • krpano-error-io.PNG


Thursday, March 25th 2010, 10:54pm


this error just means that the krpano.swf can't load the krpano.xml...
do you have more informations?

best regards,


Friday, April 9th 2010, 12:16pm

Same problem on Firefox only!


Monday, April 12th 2010, 11:40am


okay, I assume the krpano.xml is there, or?

are there some special characters in the full path (accents, non-ascii characters, ...)
do you get the error offline or online?

best regards,


Monday, April 19th 2010, 5:12pm

Ok same problem here.

I'm using wordpress. I tried to embed using both Krpano for Wordpress and Kimili flash embed. I get IO Error when I try to load it using wordpress page (I use absolute paths in xml files. If there are paths which are relative inside flash, it won't work for me in wordpress due browser path being different compared to real path) On the other hand if I load the flash directly or from default template it works. Any ideas what could cause this?

Also I and my sister got missing image errors with first two reloads of template html page when it was online, but with third reload we got no errors. It kept saying missing images although all images were uploaded. I checked them and no image errors there. Something to do with page not loading fast enough and turning the view around maybe?


Wednesday, April 21st 2010, 8:58pm

Tried to replace currentxml with firstxml?


Thursday, April 22nd 2010, 10:07am

Something to do with page not loading fast enough and turning the view around maybe?
no, that should be not possible,
better try clearing the browser cache after some file or setting has changed...

do you have a link to an online example?
then it would be possible to trace the download requests and see wheres the problem is...

best regards,


Friday, January 28th 2011, 9:24am

I'm new, and having same problem

Seems this thread got dropped without an answer:
here's a link to my site page with error:
Heres the code I used with Kimili to generate the error:
[kml_flashembed movie="" height="300" width="500" /]
I'll leave it be for now and try another page to keep stabbing at this thing

I've recently begun studying the krpano docs as of about a week ago, made some panos on my pc, then decided to buy the software.
At this point I am now trying to get them online to my WP pages. I've tried Wp-Krpano, Kimilie Flash and SWFObject, all for WP, and each comes up with same: FATAL: tour.xml -loading error (IO error). I can upload to any directory on my site (WP or otherwise) and get everything working fine as a direct URL listing and so I know the tour is working via the browser (local and internet). But with WP pages (not blog posts), I've tried both Firefox and IE. Same error.

I am currently creating tours in the simplest form possible, no additional criteria. Simply dragging my pano onto a makePano droplet, uploading the resultant files to my site directory, and then trying to link (plugin) to those files using the WYSIWYG editor whilst creating a "Page" for my site. What am I missing here? Are the generated files sufficient? Do I need to add something else.
Here is a list of files added to my directory:
[folder: "image".tiles, folder: hotspots, tour.html, tour.js, tour.xml, tour.swf]

I am NOT using Autopano, just krpano to create my tours.
Tried clearing cache, cookies, etc. - no help.

Step by step tutorial on how to create and take a completed "payload" and embed it to WP would be most welcome.. if there is one around, let me know... i tried the instructions on the "embed html" page using JS... that didn't work.

BTW, Klaus, the software is incredible, your a genius. But as a newbie, I'd sure love to see far better instructions... :) Cheers brother.



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Friday, January 28th 2011, 10:17am

You have the xml linked incorrect in your html.
It is here…erRoom/tour.xml

But the html asks for



Friday, January 28th 2011, 10:57am

You have the xml linked incorrect in your html.
It is here…erRoom/tour.xml

But the html asks for

Thanks Hans,
I understand what you said, and I went ahead and moved the content to the index directory, rewrote my post (and Kimili plug) to reflect the change, and it worked. Though I am confused about the html link which you state asks for .... index/tour.xml. I double checked my post entry and it was correct (wp-content/the../tour.xml). A "quick" search of the page source and I didn't find the same reference you saw, though I did find my post entry with correct links. Is it possible that WP (which is creating 99.99% of the html, etc.) is by default expecting and "creating" a link to the primary source directory (index) while I was specifying a different directory link through my WYSIWYG editor entry? What am i missing here?
Anyway, hats off to you. I will continue my "study" efforts (now including directory path issues) to see what, or where, I can get things to work, then move on to bigger issues.
Thanks for your input, time, and consideration.

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Posts: 1,008

Location: Denmark

Occupation: Photographer

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Friday, January 28th 2011, 11:53am

I checked your html and as far as I can see you do not provide any link at all to the tour.xml

I assume the tour.swf is supposed to find it without any link as it has the same name but this apparently does not work with your way of embedding it.

You should maybe embed it with link to both swf and xml .



Saturday, January 29th 2011, 2:47pm

yeah, the requirements for Kimili in WP are simple:
[kml_flashembed movie="" height="300" width="500" /]
That's it. Aside from a string of text, I placed nothing more in the WYSIWYG editor for the page, all other content is generated automatically by WP. Can't replace the swf with xml because Kimili requires the swf file. If their is an include option, i don't know it.
If you have a recommendation for this type of CMS (WP, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) page, I'm all ears (eyes). Currently this is working per changes made after your previous input, but I'll probably run into snags down the line.

Thanks for your help!!! I learn more all the time thanks to input from guys such as yourself, and just digging in and trying.
If it takes a village to raise a child, I'll need an army *confused*