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Monday, March 8th 2010, 8:54am

krpano for pano flip book

I played with krpano a bit

I managed to place panorama and spots inside a frame (the frame is not a spot), so I could place them inside my pano flip book, but the panorama keeps resizing on window resize, well it is quite normal I guess, as krpano is not supposed to be loaded into another swf file (as I read on the forum - this is thought to be implemented in version 1.09, as we have 1.08 beta we can expect 1.09 maybe in a year or so).

I could actually keep resizing panorama back, but it doesn't really make sense.

I wrote to Klaus if we could work something out, but I got no answer so far.

so maybe this way, through the forum, I will ask, how can I stop resizing panorama? is it possible?

area.pixelwidth - can resize hotspots container but it has no effect on panorama (I had to move panorama to get a center point in the center of the frame) - is there a setting that would set panorama display window to what we want?

the panorama is huge, around 2000-3000px width depending on window size, how to control the size of panorama ? actually the size of the Sprite the panorama is in? or how to control the size of what we see?

well, krpano will not work with pano flip book until there are real tools to resize panorama and spots containers and they are know

Darek has attached the following image:
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Monday, March 8th 2010, 9:11am

I wrote to Klaus if we could work something out, but I got no answer so far.
sorry, I have still a lot of unread mails...
I'm trying to answer all of them but dune the amount of mails it's not always possible to read and answer them in time...

area.pixelwidth - can resize hotspots container but it has no effect on panorama (I had to move panorama to get a center point in the center of the frame) - is there a setting that would set panorama display window to what we want?
the "area.pixel..." variables are mainly for designed for reading out the final pixel size (e.g. when relative percent values where used),
they shouldn't be changed from outside,

to set the size of the area use the normal area variables:

all of them can be either an absolute pixel value or a relative to screen size percent value,
and when using absolute values then the area it will not resize by itself anymore,

best regards,


Monday, March 8th 2010, 9:29am

Hi Klause,

thank you, I just found some more info about "area" and did this (jpg attached)

I used krpano 1.0.8 beta 9

this seems like it may be possible to make krpano working with the book, I will give it a try when I have some time, it took me all day yesterday to find a way to place krpano inside the frame (I have to do it as I need to place krpano inside the book)

I am quite new to krpano, I will appreciate additional help, Klaus, can you? via mail?

Darek has attached the following image:
  • Image3.jpg


Monday, March 8th 2010, 9:42am

I am quite new to krpano, I will appreciate additional help, Klaus, can you? via mail?
yes, just ask here in the forum or write a mail,

best regards,


Monday, March 8th 2010, 9:47am

ok, thanks



Monday, March 8th 2010, 10:04am

is it possible to make these 2 actions one action?

pano("area.width", 700);
pano("area.height", 500);



Monday, March 8th 2010, 10:46am


is this as3 or js code?

if it's just a set call? then it's not an action, then it's really just a set...

why do you want to make them in "one action"?
the changes of the area values doesn't take effect intermediately (only after the next refresh/next frame),

btw - if you are in as3 - this would be also a way to modify the area:

Source code

var area:Object = krpano.get("area");
area.x = 0;
area.y = 0;
area.width = 700;
area.height = 500;

best regards,


Monday, March 8th 2010, 11:28am

it is as3

thanks, that will help



Saturday, March 13th 2010, 11:48am

Loading krpano into another swf

It sounds interesting that you have been able to solve the task of loading krpano into another flash container? How did you do that?

Using a simple as3 code like this isn't ok:

var loader:Loader = new Loader();

loader.load(new URLRequest("krpano.swf"));
loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, loadComplete);

function loadComplete(e:Event)


Saturday, March 13th 2010, 2:28pm

it wasn't a good idea, after some thoughs I gave it up, not all krpano feature could be placed in another container,

we are trying to work out with Klaus a way to be able to do that the right way



Saturday, March 13th 2010, 2:42pm

Hi, Darek

Thank's a lot for your work

I hope that is work fine *thumbup*


Thursday, April 15th 2010, 8:52am

I am working on version 2 of the Pano Flip Book, there will be lots of changes in that version, one of them is that the book can be imported into another panorama player, so far I did it for FPP, take a look:

and some more info here:

now I will do that for KRPano - you will be able to import the book as krpano plugin

at this moment it is not possible to import krpano into another movieclip, when this is possible I will make krpano a book player too

by the way, the above photo shows 2 screens, on each of them 2 panoramas are displaying, even though the book is imported into another player the book will have all the features including panorama display, version 2 will be able to place panorama dynamically in the book and outside the book

the book can also be dragged and you can easily remove any element of the book by just not including a plugin element, version 2 moved all elements into plugins, here are plugins I created:

<plugin layer = "0" path="plugins/Preloader.swf" />
<plugin layer = "2" path="plugins/BitmapBackground.swf" />
<plugin layer = "4" path="plugins/Background.swf" />
<plugin layer = "6" path="plugins/FPPPlayer.swf" />
<plugin layer = "8" path="plugins/BottomStrip.swf" />
<plugin layer = "10" path="plugins/GoToPageButtons.swf" />
<plugin layer = "12" path="plugins/PDFButton.swf" />
<plugin layer = "14" path="plugins/BookPDF.swf"/>
<plugin layer = "16" path="book" position = "CC" x = "0" y = "0"/>
<plugin layer = "20" path="plugins/Logo.swf" position = "TC" x = "-200" y = "20" />
<plugin layer = "20" path="plugins/FullscreenButton.swf" position = "BR" x = "150" y = "40" />
<plugin layer = "22" path="plugins/MusicPlayer.swf"/>
<plugin layer = "24" path="plugins/AutoFlip.swf" position = "BL" x = "30" y = "23" />
<plugin layer = "20" path="plugins/PageThumbs.swf" />

the book's plugin structure will allow you to create your own plugins, plugins can contact each other and the book - this allows you to create a plugin that will react on other plugin behavior, for example plugin background has a clip that moves its object (a playing man) when musicplayer plugin is turned on or off the man starts or stops playing

also version 2 has thumbs for pages that can be set in many ways like a gallery and it can generate real pdf from the book - what you see in the book will be generated in the pdf, you can see it here:


Thursday, April 15th 2010, 7:19pm

Pano Flip Book version 2 will be able to load into krpano as plugin

it will have all features, one of them is a panorama inside or outside the book, the greyish top part of the screen is a panorama loaded into the book, it can be placed inside the book too, so one virtual tour can have 2 panoramas at the same time, the panorama inside the book is FPP driven only at this moment

here is a line in the krpano xml to load the book into krpano: <plugin name="PanoFlipBook" url="panoFlipBook.swf" keep="true" handcursor="false"/>

it is possible to send commands from the book to krpano, using krpano actions, more less they look like this: action = ",cubestrip=pano.jpg););" with this line I load a panorama taken from the demo, this action is part of an external plugin - just simple swf file that says "go to cover" (bottom right corner), the spot looks like this in the book xml file: <plugin layer = "18" path="plugins/goToCover.swf" position = "BR" x = "77" y = "100" action = ",cubestrip=pano.jpg););" button = "true" />


Monday, April 19th 2010, 8:39pm

I have finished work on version 2, I need to do some tests on a server and it is done

pano flip book works as a plugin for krpano and fpp and works on its own too, it also displays panoramas inside or outside the book - in this case the player is fpp as krpano can't be loaded into another swf file



Thursday, April 22nd 2010, 10:28am

the book will have a feature to resize itself to desired percentage of stage width or stage height



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Thursday, April 22nd 2010, 3:38pm

Darek i have am application that could use this style presentaion is this ready for purchase? Any bugs left?


Thursday, April 22nd 2010, 9:06pm

The book version 2 is nearly ready
if someone is interested how it works here are the links to test version:
book loaded into FPP (the same can be done with krpano):
the book on its own (I changed some settings but both links open the same panoFlipBook.swf file):

shall finish my tests soon and the book will be ready


Thursday, April 22nd 2010, 9:21pm

Very good news Darek *thumbsup*


Saturday, April 24th 2010, 9:53am

I need help

so far I registered krpano in the book and can call krpano functions from the book, but it doesn't work the other way

reading documentation I can register the book plugin like this:

krpano = krpano_as3_interface.getInstance();
krpano.addPluginEventListener(this, krpano_as3_interface.PLUGINEVENT_REGISTER, this.registerEvent);

then with this function I can register the book plugin with krpano:

function registerEvent(event:DataEvent):void
var plugin_path : String =;
var plugin_object : Object = krpano.get(plugin_path);

there is also plugin update event:


function updateEvent(dataevent:DataEvent):void
var updatedattriubte:String =;

if ( updatedattriubte == "color" )

I understand that if a string is color then I can call plugin_object.color VALUE

and here is my question:

if I write in krpano xml file

plugin[book].color(the value passed as string);

what I need is to pass a value to the book

will it work?

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Saturday, April 24th 2010, 10:46am

He Darek,

very nice the book!!

Can't until you have it ready.

Cann you tell me how you did that with the rotating sphere's... how you made them?
You say in flash CS4... can you help me on the road?


Tuur *thumbsup*