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Monday, May 3rd 2010, 3:51am

Hire Help?

Ok, Ihave asked for help in the past about buttons, etc, and several folks told me to READ. LOL. I did. made no sense after many weeks of trying tounderstand. At any rate, one poster gave me a very simple answer of "Put THIS here...and THAT there". Very plain and simple, and it worked perfect ever since. Does anybody know of anybody I can paypal for help like that again???? Where help can be in the simplest form for me?

All I want to do is make a neatly presented box that pops up in center that will tell the viewer something, such as location image was shot, date, etc.,..then have it go away after a few seconds. I guess similar to textfield, etc. I looked in plugins, copied swf for textfield, etc. Let's just say I really messed up an otherwise good panorama. LOL

I have no problem paying somebodyif they can break things down to what EXACTLY to copy/paste from "here to there". If that makes sense.



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Monday, May 3rd 2010, 3:28pm

create yourself your image you want in the center as a plugin, notice the visible setting is false. other variables may be needed this is just an example.

<plugin name="center image"
visible="false" />

create an action to show the image and then 3 seconds later remove it.

<action name="show">
set(plugin[center image].visible,true);
set(plugin[center image].visible,false);

now use the onloaded event to show the image once the panot is fullt loaded.

<event onloaded="action(show);"

the above code will provide an center image that will show once the pano is fully loaded and after 3 seconds it will disappear. If the user clicks on the image it will disappear before the 3 seconds is up. There are alot of thing that can be done to make this more visually appealing but it is a start. i think the code is right but i tried to write it from memory sometimes my syntax is a little off.