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Thursday, May 6th 2010, 8:16pm

Pano Flip Book Spot Panorama Player

You can purchase the player with the source code on ActiveDan:…a-player/103453

long name ...

for the last few days I have been working on a new panorama player that could display panoramas through spots, I almost finished the plugin

the way to use it:
just like any other page spot (like video for example)
<spot type="plugin" url="panoFlipBook/plugins/Panorama/Panorama.swf?pano=files/panoramas/wernisaz/cube&x=20&y=20&width=300&height=300&auto=true"/>

there will be several variables to pass if they are needed (other than default)
it will be a very simple player with just few features however this player will use little CPU power (almost nothing), it will be possible to use it with other applications

it will be possible to load a small panorama into krpano, it will be open source (more less), it will not contact krpano in any way - it will only make it possible to load another panorama into krpano panorama as spot - or thumb

I will let you know where you can get it, when it is finished

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Friday, May 7th 2010, 6:02pm

Hello, it's great but when will be version available with KrPano ? *huh*


Friday, May 7th 2010, 6:31pm

the book is ready for krpano (this was one of the reasons why I wrote version 2 of the book) but krpano CANNOT be loaded into another movie clip - the book needs this feature,

as far as I know this feature will be available with version 1.09 of krpano

so far I made a little demo of my player, here it is:

once again - it is a simple player, it is not intended to replace other players, it is written to give additional life to other applications in as simple manner as possible

Pano Flip Book Spot Panorama Player

The Pano Flip Book Spot Panorama Player is a real 3D panorama player, it uses cube faces to create a cube that then can be display as real 3D spherical panorama photo.

Why was it written?
There are several panorama players on the market, all of the have lots of features and all of them use a lot of CPU power. Because of that making a small panorama is a rather big problem (lots of coding, either flash coding or xml coding is necessary), it is also not really possible to use several panoramas at the same time - publishing several panoramas with Flash Panorama Player or KRPano Flash Panorama Player or any other panorama flsh software would just kill your machine (and your viewer's machine too). I am an author of Pano Flip Book - a book that can display panoramas inside flash book pages. So far it was not possible to display several panoramas on one page, because of the problems I just described. I decided to write my own panorama player whose main features would be simplicity and little CPU usage.

Pano Flip Book Spot Panorama Player can be used as a spot panorama for any application including FPP, KRPano, Pano Flip Book, other web pages (your own webpage) or any other flash software.

The player has several public variables that are then set with loaderInfo parameters, you can load the player into another application using either your application xml file or external link with loaderInfo parameters or directly using flash and setting the variable's parameters internally.

Here are the public variables, they are default parameters:

public var id :String = ""; - loaderInfo id - will change id if needed
public var cubeName :String = null; - loaderInfo pano - path to your panorama file
public var SCALETOSTAGE :Boolean = false; - loaderInfo scale - will resize panorama to stage width and stage height
public var SHOWBUTTONS :Boolean = true; - loaderInfo showbuttons - will show/not show panorama control buttons
public var SHOWZOOM :Boolean = true; - loaderInfo showzoom - will show/not show zoom button that resizes panorama
public var AUTO :Boolean = false; - loaderInfo auto - will start moving your panorama
public var SHOWFULLSCREEN :Boolean = false; - loaderInfo fullscreen - will show fullscreen button with other buttons
public var userX :int = 0; - loaderInfo x - the x of the panorama on the stage
public var userY :int = 0; - loaderInfo y - the y of the panorama on the stage
public var userWidth :int = 0; - loaderInfo width - the width of the panorama
public var userHeight :int = 0; - loaderInfo height - the height of the panorama
public var zoom :Number = 200; - loaderInfo zoom - will set panorama projection (values 120-400)

If userWidth and userHeight are = 0 panorama will switch SCALETOSTAGE to true.
As panorama cube faces are quite heavy it is possible to load a preview first, for example:
you write: cubeName = "files/panoramas/pano1/cube" or call the panorama file this way: panorama.swf?cubeName=files/panoramas/pano1/cube, the panorama will add to "cube" name the following extensions:
cube_0.jpg - for front cube face
cube_1.jpg - for right cube face
cube_2.jpg - for back cube face
cube_3.jpg - for left cube face
cube_4.jpg - for top cube face
cube_5.jpg - for bottom cube face

If the folder includes cube.jpg - it will be loaded first as a preview and it will be blurred. Then a percent preloader will be added to stage and show the percentage of preloaded data from 0% to 100% for all cube faces.

The above demo shows 5 panoramas with different settings, it is not possible to show 5 fully spherical panoramas at the same time with any other software, even though they are small each panorama is around 2500px wide as equirectangular projection (this is why it takes time to load), even though they are small in THE themo (as I needed to make a file 590px x 300px) each panorama can be resized with the zoom button to stage width and stage height, if you use the small fullscreen button (first on the right) the file will switch to fullscreen mode and panorama will be resized to the width and height of your monitor. Even though the demo is small and the Pano Flip Book Spot Panorama Player is intended to be used as a spot panorama it is also very powerful and gives you main features of every advanced panorama player.

Pano Flip Book Spot Panorama Player is also designed to be used with Pano Flip Book as spot panorama - this allows Pano Flip Book users to load several panoramas on one page. I guess it can be used with any flash book too, it can also be used as spot panorama for other players like FPP or KRPano or any other flash application.

To control layers the player fires 2 events when the zoom is pressed: PANOFULLSCREENON and PANOFULLSCREENOFF - this allows to switch layers in your application.

The package you download includes the above demo that shows how the panorama can be loaded into another application and a standalone html file where pano name variable is passed through swfobject. It is also possible to load panorama into your application such link: panorama.swf?cubeName=files/panoramas/pano1/cube&x=20&y=20&width=500&height=400 - such link can be used through an xml file or as3 code (internally), the above demo uses panorama variables not loadeRInfo parameters.

I hope you will enjoy using my player.

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Friday, May 7th 2010, 7:47pm

darek with the new i read there is a new function to allow krpano to be loaded into other apps now. you may want to look into that some.


Saturday, May 8th 2010, 8:22pm

I will give it a try



Saturday, May 8th 2010, 9:17pm

no, this is not it,

I am not sure how it is, i am not as3 guru, the thing is that to have full control over a movie clip (at least for a book) this clip should be able to be added to stage or deleted from stage, I need to place krpano inside another movie clip with a function like addChild, to be able to use it I need to set up an object - it usually is a loder, this loader should contain krpano

it doesn't

it is not even needed to add krpano loder to stage

anyway, it is possible to load krpano into another movie clip now, but it is a little useless feature, or maybe I need some additional tutorials...



Monday, May 17th 2010, 10:22am

You can purchase the player with the source code on ActiveDan:…a-player/103453


Tuesday, May 15th 2012, 11:54am

RE: Pano Flip Book Spot Panorama Player

I made a 3D flash page flip book via page flip book software , so does the Spot Panorma Player supports the flipbook I created? I'd like to try it.

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