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Friday, February 27th 2009, 1:11am

To buy or not to buy that is the question.

Hello everyone,
I hope to get some sound advice regarding whether or not to purchase Krpano. I do realize that the feedback I get might be one sided but I would still like to hear what you all have to say. My situation is this, I am NOT a expert programmer. Because of this I started with pano2vr, then moved onto FPP in combination with Flashificator. I have run into numerous errors/glitches that have kept me up at night, some issues have yet to be fixed such as the cube face jitter on Mac's. I have considered Krpano from the very beginning but have been reluctant due to the learning curve. Do I need to be an expert programmer to use this software and is there a GUI in the works that might solve my problem? Thanks for your input.




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Friday, February 27th 2009, 5:54am

If you WANT to learn some basic HTML and XML scripting... then go ahead and buy right now and start playing with it... The included samples, existing documentation and users here can help get you going.

There is at least one gui in plans... ... the next APP release is to include a gui.

I don't think you have to be an expert to use it without a gui though... if you could say you are moderately comfortable doing basic html... then this shouldn't be too difficult at all... and I believe the krpano xml nomenclature to be pretty intuitive.

You can always download the demo version and play with it on your local computer to get the first hand knowledge.


Saturday, February 28th 2009, 12:23am

I'm no programmer either. But if you look at some of the simple "starter" files on the site and slowly start replacing bits with your own material it is really quite straightforward. The "editor" function is excellent for trying modifications.

My problem is that with every bit I get working I then want to step up and get more functionality.

I did demo some of the other front-end apps, but while they did seem easier to get started, they didn't have a few of the features I know I'd want. I think the advantage of KR Pano is that it's deep and under constant development.

I've also been *very* impressed by the level of support on the forum. Many kind people :-)