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Freitag, 9. Juli 2010, 15:40

New to krpano ..lot of work to be done to finish my VRTour

Hello guys,
I have just bought the license for krpano and started to play with it, back in 2007 I have made an virtual tour in my city, around 250 panoramas, and I think 90% of them have hotspots to each other, now I want to remake my virtual tour to enable iPad and iPhone users to see the tour but i didn't find a way to easily create hotspots in xml files. Any advices are welcome, for now you can see the virtual tour I made for Quicktime and Flash users (not using krpano)
Sibiu Virtual Tour



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Freitag, 9. Juli 2010, 15:52

Hotspots, plugins, actions etc are not yet enabled in the ipad/iphone version:


NOTE - this first release of the Javascript based krpano viewer supports only a small subset of all krpano Flash viewer xml possibilities and settings, but there are plans to extend it step by step - the krpano actions, the plugin and hotspots system and maybe also a kind of multi resolution...

There are plans though (and Klaus knowing, this would be fast :)).

More info about hotspots:

sample hotspot:


  <hotspot name    ="hotspot_0" 
                     url     ="../hotspots/hotspot_5.png"
                     ath     ="7.7143" 
                     atv     ="2.4"
	           onover  ="tween(scale,0.7,0.2);" 
		   onout   ="tween(scale,0.5,0.1); " 
                     onhover ="showtext(yourlocation, styleinfo);"
                     onclick ="set(onout, ); moveto(7.7143,2.4,smooth(80,80,20));wait(blend);loadxml(test.xml);"
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Freitag, 9. Juli 2010, 16:06


hotspots are a must for my virtual tour, when I made it in 2007 I have added some icons where the hotspots are located, so I'm planing to use just a mask.. but if it wont work on iphone i'll wait for it to be enabled.
For now I didn't find the way to get the hotspot coordinates, I'm missing something :) I used MAKE PANO (NORMAL) droplet.bat to make the panos, and are working fin on iPhone but how to get the coordinates where the hotspots are palced ?


Freitag, 9. Juli 2010, 18:16

I like this plugin.

cursorposition.swf found at the link below. It is great for HOTSPOTS!



Samstag, 10. Juli 2010, 22:08

thank you, I'll try it out.


Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015, 21:47

Dynamic hotspot using pr3 version


I'm having an issue using krpano 1.19-pr3 with the hotspots arrow , it looks ok in VR mode , but are not ok in non VR mode. In non VR mode the distance between arrows is much enlarge and they are not orientated well. I 've tried to disable the VR mode but seems the issue is still reproducing , seems that the issue is not related to the in/out VR mode.
With the version 1.18.2 it looks ok.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Below are the picture with pr3 version where arrows are not ok , the distance between arrows is to big and second is with krpano version 1.18.2 where arrows are displayed ok


Freitag, 6. Mai 2016, 17:11

How to make a regular video as intro for virtual tour?

Hi, I am new to Krpano and want to make a virtual tour. I have a regular video which should play at the first of tour, then, when video is completed, I want to have some hotspot arrows on the last fram image of video to go to the panorama images. the last frame is shown a table with some things on it. the end user should be able to click on some things on table and redirected to related panorama.

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