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Tuesday, August 3rd 2010, 3:00pm

loading startup xml from string instead of file

In the "Embedding into HTML" documentation the statement swf.addVariable("xml", "pano.xml"); loads the startup xml file. Can I omit that statement and instead load the xml from a string using the loadxml function? For example, I have tried the following code where xmlString contains the content of the pano.xml file and it does not seem to work:

var swf = createswf("krpano.swf", "krpanoSWFObject", "100%", "100%", "#000000");;

What is wrong with the above script? Can someone provide a complete example of loading krpano xml from a string?

I need to do this because the xml file I am using changes dynamically and I am worried about synchronization problems if it changes before the addVariable statement loads the xml.


Wednesday, August 4th 2010, 5:40pm

I answer my own question: I use this initialization function to embed the krpano swf object with xml for initial settings:

function init() {
// create krpano swf object (global variable krswf) and load initial xml (non-image settings only)
// from v1.0.8 krpano documentation
krswf = createswf("./swfobject/krpano.swf", IDkrswf, "100%", "100%", "#000000");
krswf.addVariable("xml", "XML/settings.xml");

Then display successive pano images on demand using this script:

krpano().call("loadxml(" + escape(xmlString) + ")");

where xmlString is a Javascript variable containing the xml string for the image and krpano() is this function:

function krpano() {
// returns krpano swf object per krpano forum example
return document.getElementById(IDkrswf); // arg same as second arg in createswf call of init()

This seems to work.


Tuesday, September 14th 2010, 11:31am

I'm not sure if I hadn't misunderstood your problem but I'm loading all xmls from DB with mysql...(this way I can easily edit xml code via simplexml...) - in htaccess I have this line:
#RewriteRule ^(.*)\.xml$ http://../redirect.php?file=$1 [R,NC]

and redirect.php will gave krpano the xml with last version and matching id...