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Monday, November 29th 2010, 6:12pm

krpano protect license error

Hi, I really need help with this issue, I would really appreciate it. I´ve used krpano protect tool a lot of times and I haven´t had any problem until now. I try to encrypt a new virtual tour doing the next steps:
1. pick up the startup xml and the others .xml, (example: pick up tour.xml and tour1.xml tour2.xml tour3.xml etc.)
2. click on generate protected file, and replace the previous "tour.swf" by the new generated file.
3. open the tour.swf and an error occurs saying: "FATAL: LICENSE ERROR"

Any help please? I would really appreciate it.

Thank you


Monday, November 29th 2010, 6:46pm

Have you been to setup in kprotect to ensure the licenses are installed? Maybe try to reinstall them.