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Friday, November 21st 2008, 10:04pm

How to correct waves?

I'm new on krpano viewer. Until now I have published all my panos in Quicktime.
After seeing that Flash 10 corrects the anoying waves produced over straight lines, I have decided to try Flash viewers.
This is my first attempt:
The waves goes on, viewing it using Flash 10.

Can anybody helps me to improve it.. ?


Jaume Llorens
(excuse English mistakes)


Saturday, November 22nd 2008, 12:08pm


the current version of krpano doesn't use flash 10 capabilities,
but the next version (1.0.8) will support flash 10 for better quality,

at the moment these "waves" can only be reduced:
  • by increasing the details setting (but note - the details can also be set individually for every "level" (is the case in your example) this setting overrides the global one!)
  • try other a "tessmode"
  • use cubical input images
best regards,