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Monday, March 23rd 2009, 10:51pm

Any way to fix the horizontal 'tops' of the buildings

I've played with the architectural settings but have had a lot of luck in getting the building tops straightened out.
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Monday, March 23rd 2009, 11:17pm

I think the "wavy" tops of buildings is a byproduct of flash 9...

flash 10 does better... but isn't supported in krpano until 1.0.8 beta... you can find that here...…tID=322#post322

If you don't want to use the beta... then increasing the display/details setting may help...

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Tuesday, March 24th 2009, 12:33am

Use vertical and horizontal control points

1. Your panorama is not completely level. This can be frustrating to deal with, but you will need to take time to carefully level your tripod as this bothers people. You can also use a bubble level that is placed on your camera hotshoe for external flash units.

2. In the Ptgui stitcher you use vertical and or horizontal control points. You draw two points along something straight such as the side of a building. Ptgui will then straighten the panorama.

3. In the viewer you may limit the FOV ( field of view ) to a lower value to decrease the warping.