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Tuesday, January 17th 2012, 2:37pm

Walk Transition between scenes & 3D channels ?

Hi there,

As a in topic, walk transition and 3d channel (RGB).

Many guys asks me is there any option to simulate or set transition between panos up like you were walking between them. I mean not "lookat" or "zoom" it's rather bluring edges of image (screen) and directing to the hotspot like it walk in.

So my question is there any solution for that or will you, Klaus develop it as a next version feature? ;-)

Also I've seen this already 3D RGB mask putted on pano tour (switch button added too) and it allowed me to set mask of 3D effect to pano.

Any advice? *huh*

Best regards,
Marcin *squint*

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Tuesday, January 17th 2012, 3:07pm

to make a transition like this you need to use video.. the videoplayer plugin.
People have been doing this with krpano for maybe a year now.
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