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Monday, March 12th 2012, 8:50pm

Can't load tablet images on iPhone 4s...


Tablet images don't load on my iPhone 4s : I get error message : "loading of tablet_d.jpg failed" and so on for most of images. The only way I've found to see something appear is to replace tablet_%s.jpg with mobile_%s.jpg in xml file... but quality is not there. I thought that internet speed was the cause but I get 360kbps for downloading and it seems to be sufficient. The tablet tiles are 1024x1024; it may be too large, but if there is a problem with the size, why doesn't krpano use the level1 tiles ?
I've tried with many kinds of panoramas but nothing works.
Could you please test these links on your iPhone or iPad and tell me what happens... and what is your opinion about this problem.

tablet images in tablet tags :

mobile images in tablet tags :

Thanks for your help,


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Tuesday, March 13th 2012, 12:16pm


in my tests your links are working correctly,
try clearing the browser cache - maybe one image was transfered one time bad and is now bad in the browser cache...

best regards,


Tuesday, March 13th 2012, 2:50pm

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for your response.
I've spent say 2 or 3 days (I've already sent a post on Feb 8) with different combinations, clearing data, cookies, history cache in Safari, trying lot of different panoramas, changed xml, html, manually downsized the faces, read the forum etc... If I don't clear the cache, the previously loaded images appear, until all unloaded images succeed to load...and I get the complete panorama, but if I clear again the cache, I have to start from beginning. I can't understand. What I can say is that the up face loads often alone; but maybe because it's the lighter one : could you tell me what is the loading order for the faces ?
How could I force the Level 1 tiles to load on iPhone ? (maybe not html5 compatible - as I can see when I try)
Just now, I've updated iOS 5.1 : nothing changed.
The problem is that if I'm sure that it will work on the customer's iPhone (if he has one), it will not work with mine when I"ll show him what I can do with krpano :°)

Thanks for your help



Thursday, March 15th 2012, 4:31pm

I've made a test, changing config file to 800x800 tablet faces size, instead of 1024x1024. It works better : only 2 images don't load (back and front), so I've compressed them manually so they are half size, about 60kb each. And now it works fine, but not at the maximum of its possibility.
It's clear that there is a limitation somewhere : it can't be the script (automatically generated) so it is either my iPhone config, or an internet provider cause.
So my conclusion, after lot of tries, is that my problem is directly linked to the size of the dowloaded file : what I mean is that krpano doesn't see the complexity of the image when generating cube faces, and e.g. a grass ground may give a 450kb tablet file as a painted ground can give a 40kb one. The thing I want to know is why large tablet files do not work on my iPhone and work fine on the others !
Can someone point me towards the origin of the problem ?



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Wednesday, March 21st 2012, 9:06pm


maybe try that:
1. clear the browser cache
2. try the pano once via your mobile 3g provider
3. clear the browser cache again
4. and then try the pano via wlan

if the problem happens only via mobile 3g, then your provider seems to modify the images during transfer...

best regards,


Thursday, March 22nd 2012, 4:23pm

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for your response.
You're right, I tried your method and it seems that there is a problem with the provider as there's no problem with wifi.
The provider said it also may be the sim card... I'll go further and I will tell you the end of the history.