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Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012, 17:26

Question about using the loadpano()

Dear Krpano-experts,

I am quite in new in this matter. I'd be happy if you guys could help me to solve this problem:

Using krpanotools with the batch file Make Object ..., I have built 3 of my pano objects. This is because I have taken 3 series of perspective for my object, one perspective in at the bottom, the second one captures the mid part and the last one is for the top view. Each perspective contains about 100 images. Now, I actually want to navigate 2D-ly through my 3 pano objects. With loadpano(...) it was possible to navigate to the upper or lower perpective. loadpano also contains some parameter which you can pass to the other pano object. My problem is I want to pass the parameter image.frame over to the other object so that when you switch to the other pano object, the direction view point is still the same but only changed on the upper or lower view perspective. btw the photo series are synchronized, which means image 1 bottom has the same direction to the image 1 of the mid part and the top view part, the online different thing is the angle you on to the object...
e.g.: when I use loadpano(<path_to_my_xml_object_file>,image.frame=N, null, NOBLEND); ===> that works fine but N is static. how can I make N dynamic like: image.frame=get(image.frame) or so?

Thank you in advance!


Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012, 18:03

Ok I have already found a the solution from Michel within the forum.

the key point is that snipped code:



pretty tricky nice!

but is there also another solution working directly with loadpano(...)?

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