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Thursday, October 18th 2012, 7:18pm

Thanks for the fast reply.

Yeah it's chrome browser. I look into documentation html5 the default browser and chrome have different viewing problem in android. On my nexus 7 the default browser is chrome. I understand that the problem is more from all browser than krpano but it's still mixing for me.

So the best is install the defaut tour setting html5 auto with multirez and it will work on desktop and iphone. For android, for now it's not display properly and it will work when it will be updated for if 3d css rendering bug.

I look the html5 page dans the least I can say, it's technical. *smile*

Thanks again.


Thursday, October 25th 2012, 3:54pm

I don't understand why it's so needed to use the CSS 3D transformations? For example Pano2VR has other possibilities for html5 (also for objecti movies). Why isn't that an option?