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Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009, 03:20

Bug with radar plugin and showtext

Shanti has been kind enough to check my coding for my tour "Crusoe" which I am trying to get right to use as a template.
I have not been able to get text to work when each pano is loaded (so that it appears as a Title). It comes up fine as an "onhover" in the map but not with the pan.
To quote Shanti:
I think there is a bug with the radar plugin and showtext... when used in combination it does not show the showtext... I have tested it with Klaus example and its the same problem.

the problem is with the onhover="showtext();" from the map, maybe it interferes with the showtext of the page, if I remove the onhover="showtext();" from the map spots then it works perfectly.

you should post on the forum with this problem and see if Klaus can fix it on the next beta.

So that is what I am doing!! Thanks again to Shanti, Tuur et al for help given.
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Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009, 03:56

great teamwork. Shanti you are wise beyond your years. you and graydon are great help to these forums.



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Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009, 04:56

VN2009, Thanks :)

but its not just the radar plugin I think, its every plugin that uses the showtext on the onhover



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Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009, 06:07

As noted, it's not the radar plugin... it's the spot(s) plugin (in Briar's specific case)... and as Shanti said... could happen with any plugin / hotspot / widget that has an onhover=showtext...

I don't know if it's a "bug" or a "design challenge" *g*

Here's what's happening step-by-step
1- mouse moves over spot#
2- triggers onhover and text box shows up at the cursor (this continues over and over)
3- click on spot#
4- onclick action starts loading a new scene
5- new scene onstart event fires up and new showtext action loads with "infostyle" to place the showtext top center
6- mouse is still on top of spot though and it's onhover has been "looping"
7- showtext reverts control back to the spot# and the little text box near the spot shows

The only problem is that the sequence of events between 3 and 7 happens pretty darn quick... unless you have a slow connection and there is sometimes a noticeable pause... in which the new scenes onstart--> showtext works for a second or two.

I was able to click the spot# and move off the spot quick enough so that the scene title stayed up as intended... but that's not something normal users are going to do.

I couldn't call it a bug... as everything is working as its supposed to... maybe more of a feature limitation?

So - now that we've had that review... what to do about it?

NOTE - the below are theoretical solutions, none tested and some probably not possible or desirable. *g*

A. Turn off the spots onhover in the load action...



... but then you'd have to turn it back on at some point in time... which might get messy.

B. Load a blank png file over the map / spots / radar in the load action. This should block the mouse onhover from getting to the spot. You'll have to remove the blank png after the new scene loads to restore functionality to the map and spots.

C. Don't use onhover for the spot... but try onOVER for your showtext...


<plugin name="spot1" url="mappoint.png" zorder="10"
origin="righttop"  parent="map" edge="center" keep="true"  x="140" y="110" ONOVER="showtext(Main Cabin, MAPSTYLE);"
onclick="action(load1);" />

... then similar to your "infostyle" you could set a "showtime" and "fadetime" for "mapstyle". The onover is only called once... when you move over the icon... not in intervals like onHover. So... even if the mapstyle showtext is still visible when the spot is clicked, the new scene's showtext should(?) override it and work as expected. Downside would be if the user moved off the spot and back on while things were loading then the onOVER would kick in again and trump the title from showing.. or at least cut it short. But, it might not... and you could always try using a freezeview or wait function to block input.

OK - I'm out of ideas... but kinda like the last one. Hope it works.




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Beruf: Web Developer

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Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009, 07:37

Graydon: I was thinking something similar to your last idea, I remembered the onover and thought maybe with a wait (if you don't mind the pano stopping while loading)

those are all great ideas, but I vote for #3 :P

OR Klaus could make a showtext for plugins separate from the showtext from the scene? (or easier change the one on the scenes since its newer :P )

I don't even know if its possible, just blabbing things out :P



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Beruf: Industrial gas turbine services.

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Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009, 14:17

one more... you could use the textfield.swf to show your titles as well.

Should be able to setup a single textfield plugin... and just change the loaded html data with each scene.


Freitag, 24. Juli 2009, 13:52

Hi everybody,

I have solved the same problem in my first KRpano tour with the help of logofadeout example:

<plugin name="logo" url="logo.png" align="rightbottom" x="10" y="10" />
<action name="fadeout">tween(plugin[logo].alpha,0,7,easeInExpo,set(plugin[logo].visible,false));</action>

I have modified it to my needs and it works OK. Check it here:

I have also tested some of the solutions by Graydon, but none of them suited my needs:

A. Turn off the spots onhover in the load action... works OK, but I want to show the name of the hotspot when mouse is over it (ONHOVER)
C. Don't use onhover for the spot... but try onOVER for your OK too, but the name of the hotspot on the floorplan shows and then hides very quickly

Using and modifying the code from logofadeout example I have solved all my needs:
- the name of the hotspot on the floorplan shows and stays on when mouse is over the hotspot
- the name of the pano shows and fades out correctly - doesn't matter which way you use for jumping from pano to pano (there are 3 ways how to do it - clicking on the hotspot of the floorplan, clicking on the scrolling thumbnail or selecting a pano from drop-down list of panos, that is at the top left corner).

Thanks for your tips.



Montag, 2. Dezember 2013, 21:32

Same problem on Showtext

Hi Juraj, I have the same problem on showtext. I use krpano 1.16.9
I tried your action "fadeout" but still doesn't work.

Here's the code I wrote:
<textstyle name="hoverstyle"
background="false" border="false" textalign="center"
fontsize="20" textcolor="0xFFFFFF" effect="glow(0xFFFFFF,0.7,4,2);glow(0x000000,1,4,2);dropshadow(3,45,0x000000,2,0.6);"

<plugin name="logo" keep="true"
onhover="set(plugin[logo].alpha,1.0);tween(scale,1.0); showtext(visit, hoverstyle);"
onout="set(plugin[logo].alpha,0.4); tween(scale,0.5);"


Any thoughts would be highly appreciated

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