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Tuesday, October 16th 2012, 8:34pm

What's a boy to do?

It's all Apple's fault...

Actually I like parts of html5 but until we can be transparent between flash and html5 output we are in a bind.

The problem I ran into was having a tour map with almost 100 hotspots, like how do we find the co-ordinates for 100 spots and then attach hot spots to it. Some hotspots call scenes, some call a url, some open a second window and some blend. My solution was to have a flat pano and use the tour-editor to attach the hot spots, but that wouldn't work with the iPad because html5-krpano viewer doesn't do flat pano's.

Now normally I wouldn't care about the iPad but my stats package informs me that 7.92 percent of my viewers used an iPad and 7.59 percent where Android users. So I have to play the html5 game.

The beauty of being able to use the tour-editor is that you can keep changing it WYSIWYG. So what am I to do?

I did find a way to build the tour map so all works but no thanks to krpano, and any future edits will be a nightmare.

At this stage of the tour game, either krpano viewer needs to start supporting flat files or the tour-editor needs to support creating a tour map and hotspots. While on the topic of the tour-editor. I love it BUT...... How about having it automatically save the tour.xml that's being edited. Like how much of a bummer is it to find it over wrote the tour.xml attached to a different project. Come on.. next the hot spot editor is nice, but how about having a little more definition in what the hot spot is to do. Scene, link url, object ???? and then we can fine tune the code afterwards.

I love the flexibility the krpano tools give me and modifying the xml is the way to develop our own style. But the documentation is just to much detail without enough simple how to's. When I asked how to included external xml files the answer was to look at the krpano.xml file. Great, that's all it does is link external xmls, how do we incorporate that into a tour that has included scenes??

I requested help regarding flat pano's and html5 and the reply was a link to the docs, I read them, re-read them and then came back and said I was even more confused, then NOTHING. Okay, what now?

How about a short list of most commonly used statements, and why we need to have NUL and BLEND. There are examples in the forums to do anything, but I'm sorry, I just can't think of the correct three words to use in the search box that will get me on the correct path, let alone answer the question.

Bill Personal family history back to the 1800's



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Thursday, December 20th 2012, 6:06pm

I could not agree More

I Bill thanks for your post!
some time I feel really stupid!
The language used on the forum and most of the sample documentation are simply off putting!

Understandable only to whom wrote them! *cursing*

Still I believe that Krpano is a great tool BUT.... it could be so much better and definitely should be accessible to not only HTML wizards

Daniele *smile*



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Friday, January 11th 2013, 5:06am

If you want WYSIWYG have a look at Kolor's Panotour products.

KRPano is a truly professional tool, with a decent, extensive documentation, but you are right, it does require some programming "affinity", there's no way around that.

If worse comes to worst, you might have to hire a KRPano pro to do some of the "dirty" work for you. That really might be the most cost-effective thing to do.

As far as I know Klaus is already working on flat image support (zoomify style). Any ETA on that? I could also REALLY use that feature for the stuff I'm involved in, Zoomify HTML5 is driving me nuts.


Friday, January 11th 2013, 11:04am

I couldn´t disagree more! KRPano is one of the most amazing piece of software with incredible possibilities for customization. And I have to say that I´m really sick of all the people coming here to these forums lately not asking for help, but for someone doing their work for them. The krpano-help is great the way it is and I´m thankfull that I don´t have to waste my rare time searching the correct answer in a Bible written for those who are not willing to learn krpano-coding.

The web is full of step by step-tutorials for krpano-beginners. There is even a great video-collection available on Yt - including map-creation!

Andrey did developed a map creation-tool for krpano a long time ago, you may want to try the search-function. And it´s also very easy to write a little tool which would place a given number of hotspots to a scene that you could drag and drop just as easely. All it need would be some time and the will to learn!

Sorry if my words may sound a little harsh, but since krpano is coming with a simple tour-maker and it´s cooperating with Kolor´s Panotour this forum is bursting with people asking the same mindless questions over and over, not even willing to learn or using the search function. The pro-coders here are really helpful, but unfortunately you almost never read that someone is looking for help to solve a problem lately, but for some idiot doing all the coding. And that´s just NOT the way to go!

Best regards



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Saturday, January 12th 2013, 10:15am

Seriously, maybe you have all the time in your life to dabble with KRPano, other's don't. So what's wrong with hiring a professional and paying for this work?

If a small company want's a website, do you expect them to learn HTML, CSS, etc. first and then create their website themselves, or is it ok for them to hire a web design company to do it for them?

What's the difference between the two?


Saturday, January 12th 2013, 10:13pm

Floz, I believe Nupsi is suggesting they PAY if they want specific work done. My interpretation of Nupsi's post is, if you need help with a new problem and you have consulted with the "manual" or documentation and have done due diligence searching this forum, post a question. If you want someone to write a ton of code for you, pay someone.

The great thing about this software is it works without any editing whatsoever if you just want to show panos BUT it also allows great customization with experience.

My two cents.