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Friday, July 19th 2013, 6:19pm

Opera Mini browser on the iPad isHTML5possible() method bug

The Opera Mini browser on the iPad/iPhone will not run the HTML5 viewer. If you attempt it, KRPano displays a fatal error indicating that the browser does not support either CSS 3D transforms or WebGL. Hardly a big issue since the built-in Safari browser works like a champ, but what is a problem is that the viewer.isHTML5possible() method returns true (Opera Mini current version running on iPad Retina, KRPano version 1.16.5). I have modified my Javascript to include Modernizr tests (viewer.isHTML5possible() && (Modernizr.csstransforms3d || Modernizr.webgl)) to compensate, but I would expect that the isHTML5possible() method should be doing this for me. No biggie but I just want to call it out.


Friday, July 26th 2013, 4:27pm


right, the isHTML5possible() function always assumes HTML5 support on iOS.
This will be fixed for the next release.

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