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Monday, September 9th 2013, 1:19pm

Astro zoom on pano


does anyone know how to do in Krpano something like Astro Zoom from Real Tour Vision - AstroZoom lets you zoom in from outer space, directly to your property or business. We’ll create a powerful, visually stunning video that starts with a view of Earth from space, and then slowly zeroes in on your listing or business.

Example of Astro Zoom -

I don't need the last part of animation, where it is rotate around location on bird eye view, but this way of presenting location is really cool.

Does anyone know how to do it in KRpano? Is there some plugin to do it?



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Monday, September 9th 2013, 5:45pm

Search for "earth zoom after effects tutorial" and you'll find what your looking for ;)

here is an example :

to make it simple : it's a video introduction before showing your pano.


Monday, September 9th 2013, 9:43pm

Great example. Thanks for informations, i will try to investigate this further.

I love your hotspots. How do you make it to connect to the ground?