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Montag, 4. November 2013, 03:33

Safari iOS 7 viewport bug with Viewer 1.16.9

I'm only running into this issue when initially launching a site in Safari with an iPad (iPad2) in landscape mode. If I load the same tour in portrait mode, the viewport resizes correctly and displays as it should. Additionally, if I load the tour in landscape, tilt to portrait (which causes the viewport to fix), and then go back to landscape, the viewport remains fixed. I'm not having any issues with this on the iPhone (iPhone 4) at all. Both are running iOS 7.0.3.


Montag, 4. November 2013, 07:32


can you please post a link to your example.

I ask because something must be wrong in there - either you are not using the latest krpano version or the pano wasn't embedded 'directly' on the page - directly means not-nested inside any other html elements and with 100% width and height.

Maybe as clarification - the iOS 7 Safari browser itself has this bug and krpano is working-around this bug, but krpano can do that only when it is the only-one and top-most element on the html page (that would the be default when using the krpano html templates or examples). The workaround itself works by resizing the viewer to match the really available screen space and scrolling the page if needed - and both of these workaround can't be done when the pano is embedded into custom html structures.

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Montag, 4. November 2013, 22:42

Aaaaah, that makes sense.

Here's a sample tour:

All tours on this site were built with Panotour 1 (we're testing the 2.0 beta internally—it's great so far!). To make updating the viewer easier (as there are many tours hosted here), the viewer files are stored in an include folder and we use htaccess to point each tour to the correct files.


Dienstag, 5. November 2013, 14:45


note - Panotour 2.0 is using nested html structures to embed the krpano viewer!

Look in the html file for this element:


<div id="container">

Due this the krpano viewer itself can't control it's size and the page scrolling anymore.

Kolor uses these html structures in Panotour for hosting their so called 'HTML5 plugins' (not to confuse with krpano plugins), which are custom html elements which are overlapping the krpano viewer.

That means, the iOS 7 bug workarounds need to be done by the custom Kolor scripts in this case.

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Mittwoch, 6. November 2013, 22:52

Aaaaahhh, yes, I see. Well, luckily that part of the code gets created dynamically with an include file. Removing that erroneous DIV fixed the issue. Thanks for the insight!