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Monday, May 12th 2014, 12:04pm

droplets 1.17

Hello again,

Recently I downloaded the latest krpano version and I have some issues.

A few years ago I've created my own droplets to make virtual tours with the same interface in a fast way.
Every update I did the necessary steps to update this 'generators' :-)

This is how it looks

But now it gives me some troubles.

This is what I did :
a. I used the update tool in 'krpano Tools' to update the directory (so all elements have been updated)
b. I launch the 'droplet'

But at the end of the proces the Terminal gives 2 errors
ERROR: not a valid krpano.swf!
ERROR: calling the kprotectcl tool failed!
(see complete Terminal report at the bottom)

In the result the vtour directory doesn't have a .swf file.
When I put the most recent krpano.swf in the directory and change it into tour.swf it works.

- the generated project works fine but the .swf hasn't been generated..

a- how can I fix this ?
b- what does 'ERROR: calling the kprotectcl tool failed!' mean. Don't know what this kprotectcl exactly does but it looks the doplet can't find it.. How can this be fixed ?

Here you can find the .config file

This is the Terminal report:
"Last login: Mon May 12 11:36:29 on ttys000
mac-pro-van-servaas:~ servaas$ '/Users/servaas/Desktop/CHRISMA/MAKE VTOUR (NORMAL)' '/Users/servaas/Desktop/CHRISMA/MAKE VTOUR (NORMAL)' '/Users/servaas/Desktop/salon.jpg'

kmakemultires - 64bit (build 2011-04-11)
- using user config: vtour-normal.config

processing - salon (SPHERE to CUBE)

converting image to cube format...
loading inputimage ...
done. (input imagesize 8000x4000)
making cube files... 6x2500x2500
making left... pano_l.jpg
making front... pano_f.jpg
making right... pano_r.jpg
making back... pano_b.jpg
making up... pano_u.jpg
making down... pano_d.jpg

inputfiles: (6x2500x2500)
left: pano_l.jpg
front: pano_f.jpg
right: pano_r.jpg
back: pano_b.jpg
up: pano_u.jpg
down: pano_d.jpg
xml: tour.xml
html: tour.html
preview: panos/salon.tiles/preview.jpg
tiles: panos/salon.tiles/pano[_c].jpg

making image: pano_l.jpg
making image: mobile_l.jpg
making image: tablet_l.jpg
making image: pano_f.jpg
making image: mobile_f.jpg
making image: tablet_f.jpg
making image: thumb.jpg
making image: pano_r.jpg
making image: mobile_r.jpg
making image: tablet_r.jpg
making image: pano_b.jpg
making image: mobile_b.jpg
making image: tablet_b.jpg
making image: pano_u.jpg
making image: mobile_u.jpg
making image: tablet_u.jpg
making image: pano_d.jpg
making image: mobile_d.jpg
making image: tablet_d.jpg
making preview...
ERROR: not a valid krpano.swf!

ERROR: calling the kprotectcl tool failed!

mac-pro-van-servaas:~ servaas$

Thanks already for your assistance !


Monday, May 12th 2014, 5:23pm


in version 1.17 the license system has been changed.

Please see here:

Using the new 1.17 viewer files with the old tools is not possible. The old tools can't know the new license and file formats.

Best regards,



  • "servaas" started this thread

Posts: 218

Location: Belgium

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Monday, May 12th 2014, 7:24pm

Hi Klaus,


I found how to update my droplet projects !